Undergraduate Degree in Design

Design is an engine of innovation and social change, capable of transforming people’s daily lives. It seeks to find creative, aesthetic, functional, efficient, and ethical solutions to the needs that we create as individuals.

Why study design?

The Undergraduate Degree in Design trains professionals around the values of observation, analysis and reflection, creativity and artistic sensitivity, ethical and sustainable responsibility, social commitment, and innovation.

What characteristics define a designer? Above all, creativity, curiosity, and the ability to analyze the environment. Having a sensitivity for art and culture is almost essential, and also be aware of the trends that are appearing in different disciplines.

Key facts

Undergraduate Degree in Design, accredited degree awarded by the Ramon Llull University.

4 years.

240 ECTS (60 ECTS per academic year).

Number of places
120 places.

Price (per academic year)
9.150€ (153€/ECTS).

Teaching period
September to June.

English (first two years) and Spanish (from the 3rd year on).

Double degree option
9.966€ (166€/ECTS) Undergraduate Degree in Design + Bachelor in Smart Design.


Teaching method followed in ESDi balances three main components:

1 ⟶ Theoretical foundations which mean the learning basis.

2 ⟶ Tools and languages that enable to put in practice ideas.

3 ⟶ Professional experience in enterprises.

Types of subjects

Conceptual subjects: theoretical subjects that provide knowledge and abilities in Humanities and Social Sciencies.

Instrumental subjects essential tools and materials to understand the types of products to design.

Project subjects: subjects that teach design specific work methodology.

Bachelor's Degree

The Undergraduate Degree in Design is an official bachelor degree approved and authorized by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). When shaping the study plan, we considered the reccomendations suggested by international institutions and organisms such as BEDA (The Bureau of European Design Associations), ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design), ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) or IFI (Insituto de Formación Integral).


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Academic and faculty

maja cecuk, directora académica esdi, grado diseño esdi

Dr. Maja Ceçuk

Academic Director ESDi
marianna de nadal, grado en diseño, diseño audiovisual barcelona, smart design

Marianna de Nadal

Head of studies EAA Visual Communication Visual
olga beltran, jefa estudios moda esdi, diseño de moda barcelona

Olga Beltrán

Head of studies EAA Fashion

Isona Ten

Head of studies EAA Product and Interior Design
Marcelo de Medeiros, diseñador de calzado, cuenca&co, postgrado diseño de calzado barcelona

Marcelo de Medeiros

Industrial designer specialized in experimental materials and footwear
ivan merino, diseñador de producto, biscuits bcn, diseñador de calzado, diseño de calzado

Ivan Merino

Industrial engineer specialized in footwear design
carlos cabezón, diseño ui/ux, curso de verano, diseño y creatividad, disseny i creativitat

Carles Cabezón

Graphic designer and engineer
mila nikolic, arquitecta e interiorista, curso de verano, diseño y creatividad, disseny i creativitat

Dr. Mila Nikolic

Architect and urban planner
dani cantó, creative director

Dani Cantó

Multidisciplinary creative specialized in culture and fashion

Mikki Schindler (Miguel Larrea)

Social psychologist. Director of South of Somewhere.
luca pagliari

Dr. Luca Pagliari

Plastic artist specialized in photography
Jeffrey Swartz

Jeffrey Swartz

Art critic and curator
tati guimaraes, ciclus design, packaging sostenible

Tati Guimarães

Packaging ecodesigner
miguel pang, ilustrador, illustrator, grado en diseño, grau en disseny, undergraduate degree in design, esdi barcelona

Miguel Pang

Illustrator awarded with the Golden Medal of the Society of Illustrators NY
diego mallo, visual artist, ilustrador

Diego Mallo

Illustrator and visual artist
nanita ferrone

Nanita Ferrone

Expert in design thinking and innovation

Work placement

Academic work placement is a training activity which aims to complete and reinforce the student's knowledge through professional experience in a business environment. There are two types of student-university-company agreements:

1 ⟶ Work placement carried out under the corresponding agreement with a company or institution. "Work placement" (curricular internship), a compulsory subject with academic value (14 ECTS).

2 ⟶ Work placement carried out under the corresponding agreement with collaborating companies for educational cooperation internships, aiming to put into practice the knowledge acquired (extracurricular internships), without credit load.

Professional integration

The Undergraduate Degree in Design has a high level of professional insertion not only in industrial or commercial companies, but also in institutions. This is due to the importance that the designer position has gained, with companies focusing on creativity and innovation of their products and services in order to maintain their competitiveness.

Scholarships and grants

ESDi wants to facilitate the insertion of future students, promote academic excellence, and potentiate the professional and academic trajectories of students through the scholarships and grants program.

Student projects