Master’s Degree

Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX)

Get involved in the Master’s Degree in Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX) in its new innovative format.

Start learning the Design Thinking methodology so you can carry out your first digital project. Afterwards, improve the product you have created and, at the same time, be able to do internships at influential companies in the UI/UX sector.

©️ Final project 'Muvo' by Guillermo de Sousa, Daan Leeuw & Nadia Diah Safitri

⟶ In an information society noted for the active participation of the user, the profiles of designers specialized in UI & UX are increasingly necessary to connect the objectives of business to the user's needs.

⟶ The Master in UI/UX Design includes methodologies currently used for the design and development of digital products and services, from the application of research techniques to understand user needs, to the design and testing of innovative products with end users.

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Key facts

Master's Degree in Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX). ESDi-specific master's degree.

1 academic year




7.120€. Check our scholarships and grants.

April 2022 – February 2023.

Friday, from 9am to 5pm.

Possibility of doing extracurricular internships, in Barcelona, in leading national and international companies. You will be assigned a personal tutor who will help you with the management of your internship.



The number of credits for the Master’s Degree in Interface and User Experience Design (UI/UX) is 60 ECTS, to be taken in an academic year. The curriculum is structured in 2 modules, including the final master project and seminars / masterclasses. There is the possibility of taking only module 1 and obtaining the specialised Diploma in Design Thinking & Digital Product Design UX/UI (30 ECTS).

Module 1

Design Thinking.
Créditos: 8 ECTS.

Credits: 4 ECTS.

Introduction to Strategy.
Credits: 1 ECTS.

UX Research techniques.
Credits: 1 ECTS.

Credits: 3 ECTS.

UI Design.
Credits: 4 ECTS.

Development technology.
Credits: 1 ECTS.

-UX Writting
-Lean UX
-LEGO Serious Play
Créditos: 1 ECTS.

-Talks from professionals in UI/UX.
Credits: 1 ECTS.

Final Project.
Créditos: 6 ECTS.

Module 2

Credits: 6 ECTS.

Credits: 1 ECTS.

UX Writing.
Credits: 1 ECTS.

Introduction to Lean Startup.
Credits: 1 ECTS.

UI Design II
Credits: 4 ECTS.

Data analytics.
Credits: 4 ECTS.

User Testing.
Credits: 4 ECTS.

-Design Ops
-Voice User Experience
-Project communication
-Career opportunities
Credits: 2 ECTS.

-Talks from professionals in UI/UX.
Credits: 1 ECTS.

Final project.
Credits: 6 ECTS.

There is the possibility of taking only this first module and obtaining the Professional Diploma in Design Thinking and Digital Product Design UX / UI (30 ECTS).


⟶ UX Researcher
⟶ UX Designer
⟶ UI Designer
⟶ UX Writer
⟶ UX Architect
⟶ UX Analyst
⟶ UX Strategist
⟶ Product Design
⟶ Visual Designer
⟶ Project Manager
⟶ Interaction Designer
⟶ UX Unicorn
⟶ Content Designer

Aimed at

All those with an interest in the topics covered, although most of the students who have completed the Master's had experience or training in marketing, strategy, product design, technology, graphic design, audiovisual design, IT, audiovisual communication, computing, multimedia productions, communication sciences, design management and other related disciplines.

Why choose this Master?

⟶ Teachers working at leading national and international companies.
⟶ Possibility of internships in Spain at companies in the industry.
⟶ Masterclasses, workshops and seminars on different areas related to the world of UX/UI.
⟶ Online sessions that allow you to combine work and studies.
⟶ International student profile.
⟶ Methodology based on theoretical-practical sessions, adopting the 'learning by doing' method, through which solutions for practical work and individual and group-taught projects will be offered.
⟶ A final project will be carried out with a professional end result.


stella belmonte,

Stella Belmonte

Lead Product Designer at Everis
ui/ux design, smailing ventura, everis, art director uiux design

Smailing Ventura

UI/UX Art Direction Leader at Everis
mario ferrer

Mario Ferrer

Lead Content Designer at King
david bretos,

David Bretos

Senior Digital Analyst UX Research & CRO at Rocket Digital
gaby prado

Gaby Prado

Experience Research and Strategy Consultant
pitu sabadí, ceo pleasepoint, uiux design master

Pitu Sabadí

CEO at Pleasepoint
adrián fernández martínez, uiux design

Adrián Fernández

UX Research Lead at SCRM - Lidl Digital Hub
xavi cardet, ui/ux design, ux lead at colvin

Xavi Cardet

UX Lead & CRO at Colvin
jorge marquez, everis, uiux design

Jorge Márquez

Head of Experience Design EU at Everis
cecilia arce, ui/ux design, master en diseño ui ux

Cecilia Arce

Experience Designer & Design Thinker
dani hurtado, gamification, uiux design

Dani Hurtado

Gamification Specialist
Enrique Conches

Enrique Conches

Punk Design Co-founder
ignasi boza,

Ignasi Boza

Digital product designer
bert balcaen, uiux design

Bert Balcaen

Senior Web Developer at Rekall

Collaborating companies


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Scholarships & grants

⟶ No person with the vocation and capacity for design should lose the opportunity to train for economic reasons. Therefore, from ESDi we seek to facilitate access for future students, promote academic excellence and boost the academic and professional careers of students through our scholarships and grants program.

⟶ If you want more information about our specific scholarships and grants for Masters and Postgraduates, please send us an email at admissions@esdi.edu.es.

Request information

If you are interested in taking the Master in UI/UX Design, you can contact us by email fperal@esdi.edu.es or via WhatsApp with the number (+34) 661 972 845. We will inform you about the admissions process, which scholarships and grants are available and we will resolve any queries you may have.


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