Incoming students

ESDi annually receives international students from universities around the world, highlighting the intention to promote an education based on multiculturalism as an added value to official studies in design.

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To be accepted as an exchange student at ESDi and carry out a stay with credit recognition, the student must prove that they are enrolled in a center that ESDi maintains a signed agreement with for the exchange of students, valid in the period in which the student wishes to carry out the mobility.

The student with the intention to carry out an exchange must contact the International Relations department of their home center, which, after that, must contact the department responsible for the exchanges at ESDI to nominate candidates within the dates established for submitting applications for a place:

⟶ First semester (autumn / winter) or full academic year: June 15.

⟶ Second semester (spring / summer) : November 15.

To apply for a place, the student must submit the following documentation through their university:

Place application form

Motivation letter explaining the reasons why you want to carry out a mobility in ESDI.

A digital portfolio: it can be a web page, a wordpress or a PDF file.

A copy of the identity document or passport.

Applications received after the deadline for the delivery of documents will not be considered and will be left out of the selection process.

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You can look up all of the information regarding accommodation, university residences, costs of living and transport in Barcelona and Sabadell, visas and immigration, help service and support for students and much more in the new online exchange guide at the following link:


Nadzira Gutiérrez

Exchange student from Mexico

Shaked Maktubi y Shani Sambal

Exchange students from Israel

The Renfe commuter train connects Barcelona with the main Catalonian cities, among which is Sabadell, the city that holds ESDi’s main facilities. In order to get to ESDi, you must take the commuter train R4 headed to Terrassa or Manresa and stop in the Sabadell Center station. The ESDi Sabadell headquarters is just 5 minutes away from the station. The Renfe station is also near the Sabadell bus station.

The Generalitat de Cataluña Trains (FGC) offer 12 railroad services in two independent networks: the Barcelona-Vallès line and the Llobregat-Anoia line. The Barcelona-Vallés line connects Barcelona with Sabadell, the city that holds the ESDi Campus. In order to get there, you must take the S2 Barcelona-Vallés line and stop in the Sabadell Rambla station, 10 minutes away from the ESDi Sabadell Campus.

The urban bus network of Sabadell, called TUS, offers its services in the entire city all through the day in order to take care of the citizens’ and tourists’ needs.

Barcelona also offers a night bus service called Nitbus, which circulates around Barcelona and the first metropolitan area.

Barcelona also has an urban bus network that cover the city with its collective transport services.

The Barcelona metro is a public and subterraneous means of transport that offers its services in Barcelona and its surroundings. It currently has a total of 12 metro lines that connect the city from different points, facilitating accessibility and offering its service for all.

Spain has a free health system for each and every one of its citizens. Students that come from the UE can gain free access to it by presenting their European sanitary card, which lets them receive medical assistance in the same condition as Spanish citizens.


Non UE students, nonetheless, will have to get a health insurance plan that covers their study period in ESDi. You can hire the insurance with a Spanish company or with a company that covers your stay in Spain.


In order to get your student visa, you will need to demonstrate that you have sanitation coverage.

If you have a non UE passport, ask for information in your country’s Spanish embassy to get to know the requirements needed in order to get a student visa.

Check that your passport will be valid for your entire time in ESDi, plus an additional 6 months after your planned date of return.