“Claiming the expression”. ESDi Degree Fashion Show ’22

“Claiming the expression”. ESDi Degree Fashion Show ’22

The ESDi Higher School of Design celebrated the new edition of the Degree Fashion Show this Wednesday, November 30, 2022 at Casa Capell (Barcelona). It is an event where graduates in Design with a mention in Fashion present their final projects. This year it was under the title “Reivindicant l’Expressió” (Claiming the Expression) and 12 fashion collections belonging to: Laura VillarEncarni EspejoJúlia SolerAndrea MorenoMontserrat SeguésJavier GuijarroNúria CompteAndrea MansillaEric GonzálezMarta Nolla, Laura IbáñezPablo Serrano.

The title of the show alludes to what it means to get dressed every day. Since any question that interests, worries or moves can serve as a guide to be embodied in a garment and in a collection. Inspired by the notion of wisdom, the memory of a place that is no longer and its transformation, resilience, the temporality of the human being. Sexual freedom, hegemonic masculinity, the cultural textile and generator of a sense of belonging, or the notion of evil among other starting points. These collections vindicate the capacity of fashion to stir up and question (for the moment on this small scale) the world.

The ESDi Degree Fashion Show consisted of 5 looks per designer. In them we find proposals of all kinds: outer garments with large volumes, genderless tailoring. Delicate lingerie and even a transgressive total look inspired by BDSM in dyed leather simulating blood stains.

At the end of the parade, the prizes were awarded to the three best fashion collections presented at the event, awarded by a jury made up of Marta Coca, director of 080 Barcelona Fashion, the fashion editor of Metal Magazine David Alarcón, the stylist and professor at the School of Fashion Arts and Techniques EATM by ESDi Sergio Serrano, fashion designer and ESDi alumni Maria Roch, and hat designer and ESDi professor Andrea Viêntëc.

The “Coupé” collection by designer Javier Guijarro won first prize. “ZEZN” by Júlia Soler and “Akelarre” by Montserrat Segués won the two second prizes. The fabric company Gratacós awarded the designers of these three collections with batches of fabrics, while ESDi awarded Javier a scholarship to study the Master’s Degree in Fashion Styling, Image and Communication or his Master’s Degree in Fashion Industry Management [Sustainable, Ethical and Responsible].

‘Coupé’ by Javier Guijarro – 1st prize for best collection of ‘Reivindicant l’Expressió’

“Life in memory. The constant mourning for the past”. Collection inspired by a theoretical thesis on the tendency we have to think more about what has already happened than about what is about to happen. It is the result of transferring to fashion a reflection on how, throughout our lives, our experiences become memories and something that we carry and drag with us simply to be able to explain who we are. After all, that baggage is the only thing we can count on about ourselves and it is the reason why we always end up looking back.

© Fashion show images: Álvaro Rubio

‘ZEZN’ by Júlia Soler – Second Prize

Drawing information from real testimonials, Júlia bases this set of garments on how conscription can negatively affect the mind. Based on the concept mainly in human behavior and negative aspects of its psychology, ZEZN is a capsule collection that reflects mental disorders that we externalize when we are surrounded by a distressing or uncomfortable situation. We see all of this in volumes, hoods and face coverings, oversized coats, and fabrics that may seem obtrusive to the eye.

© Fashion show images: Álvaro Rubio

‘Akelarre’ by Montserrat Segués – Second prize

The collection embodies the idea of ​​the contemporary witch in which each of the looks gives rise to the idea of ​​Akelarre. The pieces work on the overlapping of layers. The layers represent the different stories and women who have preceded us and who are part of us. The women of the 21st century are the result of all the women who have preceded us.

© Fashion show images: Álvaro Rubio