Two Graphic Design projects selected for the LAUS 2018 Awards

Two Graphic Design projects selected for the LAUS 2018 Awards

From the graphic representation of the prolific career of a comedian to the development of the corporate identity of a clothing brand. Those are the themes of the projects of Gerard Arderius and Roger Fonts, alumni ESDi finalists in the 48th edition of the ADG Laus awards.

In the case of Arderius, “El soso catalán que hace reír” it’s a recovery of the figure of the Catalan humorist Eugenio that seeks to capture its essence and achieve, through synthesis, the minimal expression of his comic style. To accomplish this, Arderius developed the transcription / reinterpretation of a cassette of jokes and posters with graphic syntheses of some of them.

Fonts, on the other hand, was highlighted by its Original Apparel Kids project, which develops the corporate identity of a clothing brand in order to implement it in the market. Through different supports and applications, the proposal not only responds to the graphic needs of the brand, but also offers you corporate possibilities.

The awards ceremony, aimed at professionals of graphics, advertising and communication, will be held at a meeting on June 8, where the winners of the Grand Laus, Oro Laus and Laus Aporta-Fundació Banc Sabadell will be revealed, as well as the Laus de Honor to the professional trajectory and of the Laus Companies and Entities.