Three ESDI projects selected at the ADG LAUS

Three ESDI projects selected at the ADG LAUS

Every year the ADG LAUS awards recognize the best projects in more than 50 sections of eleven categories of Graphic Design and Visual Communication. These awards promote design, project its cultural and economic importance to society, and support the professional environment.

The FAD Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers, who organizes the awards, is a private, non-profit entity that represents professionals, studios, agencies, schools and companies from across the State dedicated to the graphic design sector.

Two students from the school, from the Undergraduate Degree in Design, major in Graphics, have been selected for two projects carried out in subjects of the degree, and three students from the Master in User Expirience and User Design (UX/UI), have also been selected by their master’s final group project (TFM).

Clio Compressed, a graphic major project, by Sandra Hernández, consists of a graphic report that was generated to narrate a memory, the memory of a car that was in her family from 2000 to 2020.

This project aims to tell the history of the Clio, showing everything that surrounds it, using different resources for this. It tells who knew him, where he went, what music was heard, what he had inside, what he was like, how they saw him and when he died.

Leire Vilches’ proposal, between Acorde and Protestas, is a typography project, worked within the subject, “Typography II” of the Undergraduate Degree in Design, under the tutorship of David Vera.

The project presents us with a sound journey through the rebellious vibrations that emerged from the depths of the Basque Country in the last decades of the 20th century. This editorial project is a tribute to raw strength, to musical resistance that was born in the midst of a tumultuous political and social context.

At the roots of this story lie chords of protest, lyrics that sculpt realities, and musicians who became dissatisfied voices of a generation marked by struggle and the search for identity.

HearU, Master’s Final Project by Dèlia Delgado, Júlia Anguera and Vero Aguirre, is a digital solution that addresses the mental health problem of young people in GenZ. HearU seeks to improve the accessibility, usability and experience of accessing mental health-related resources and services.

HearU accompanies users to learn to manage what happens to them through a record of emotions, from which they are provided with personalized content created only by professionals in the field of mental health.

The Night ADG Laus is the ADG Laus awards ceremony, the moment when the jury’s verdict will be revealed and where the award-winning studios, agencies and students will be able to collect their prize.