Three ESDi projects selected for the Audiovisual Pitch 2023

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Three ESDi projects selected for the Audiovisual Pitch 2023

Júlia Ros, Laura Torres and Cecília Amate, Graduate in Design, Specialty in Audiovisual from ESDi-Ramon Llull University, have been selected to present their final degree projects in the Audiovisual Pitch 2023. The Audiovisual Pitch is an initiative of the Catalan Audiovisual Cluster, a meeting point between students and audiovisual industry producers. The initiative takes part during the Audiovisual Talent Week, and its main activity is the presentation of degree and/or Msaster’s degree students’ projects to industry producers, the presentation format is the Pitching, which consists of a 7-minute-long presentation of the projects and 7 minutes of the producers questions and comments to the authors of the projects. The Pitching sessions are held in front of a specialized audience, professionals in the area, institutional representatives of the academic and audiovisual field, and the students of the participating universities.

In the Non-Fiction category, the projects “Corral Negro” by Laura Torres and “Invisible” by Cecília Amate have been selected, while the project “Galaxy Survivors” by Júlia Ros participates in the New Technologies & Immersive Experiences category. The Non-Fiction projects will be presented next Thursday, November 16th, whereas on Friday, November 17th, the New Technologies & Immersive Experiences category will be presented.

“Corral Negro” is an ethnographic documentary that immerses us in the Salta mountains, in the northwest part of Argentina. Through an investigation process about the local culture and contact with its representatives, we meet Alejandro Soriano, who belongs to the Diaguita-Calchaquí community, an ancestral culture of the Andean villages. This work provides an intimate and genuine portrait of this family’s life, exploring their traditions, the challenges they face, and their deep connection with nature. At the same time, it tackles universal topics such as identity, legacy and difficult decisions, aspects that are unraveled through a narrative enriched by different representation methods.

“Invisibles” suggests the viability of introducing the barefoot system (barefoot horses) in elite competitions. Starting from this premise, it begins a research and training about the horse’s hoof and its functions, which are translated later into a documentary format with the previous analysis and proposals that determine the narrative and visual style of the work. The structure of the documentary is based on interviews with professionals in the field. Targeted at an equestrian audience, the project attempts to raise awareness of some aspects that are usually forgotten about the animal’s sportive health and performance, which is often classified only as a tool.

Lastly, “Galaxy Survivors” is based on a design study to encourage cooperation, motivation and confidence in adolescence through a virtual escape room. After studying these concepts, an experience has been created with the aim of bringing in a new format and trying to improve these aspects in young people in a Centro de Esplai (a social and educational center that provides activities for kids and teenagers), using it as a learning tool. The main goal is to offer a safe experience in which teenagers can feel safe and confident with the rest of the team, helping them to believe in themselves using both group and individualized tests.

As a result of being selected, the three ESDi alumni will receive a previous training to help them face the pitch in front of the production companies. In addition, after the presentations, there will be individual meetings between projects and professionals to be able to go deeper into the projects and start talking about possible agreements and collaborations. Good luck, girls!

grado en diseño, audiovisual, pitching audiovisual, clúster audiovisual de catalunya, corral negro, laura torres
"Corral Negro" by Laura Torres
grado en diseño, audiovisual, pitching audiovisual, clúster audiovisual de catalunya, invisibles, cecília amate
"Invisibles" by Cecília Amate
grado en diseño, audiovisual, pitching audiovisual, clúster audiovisual de catalunya,
"Galaxy Survivors" by Júlia Ros