Summer Campus – “Fashion Universe and Creative Resources”

Fashion isn’t only clothing design. It’s trend forecasting. It’s styling. It’s management of events and communication channels. It’s innovation. Through our summer course “Fashion Universe and Creative Resources” we aim, during two weeks, to give you a knowledge that is both transversal as it is profound, and that helps us insert you in the creative, communicative and commercial aspects of fashion.


This way, through our Barcelona-Sabadell axis, you will achieve a professional development that will allow you to thrive in counselling and inspirational tasks linked to fashion brands, stylists, personal shoppers and communication channels, also working with marketing, branding and runways.


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  • languages: English // Spanish
  • duration: 2 weeks // 40 hours
  • dates: from July 1 to 12, 2019
  • schedule: from 10:00h to 14:00h
  • price: 650€ + 100€ tuition. Free tuition until 30 April

aimed at

Those who are interested in introducing themselves, enriching and updating their knowledge in the many sectors of fashion, without any need of prior training. The workshop is specially aimed at students and professionals that don’t come from the fashion world, but want to make a shift in their professional lives or apply new knowledge to their professions.


_Classroom sessions and conferences with experts
_Visits to showrooms and ateliers of creators and experts in communication, trends and fashion distribution
_Creativity workshop with the designers Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull, of Zazo & Brull


  • Direction and coordination: Nuria Mora – 080 Barcelona Fashion
  • Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull, designers of Zazo & Brull brand
  • Dolors Giró, ESDi fashion professor
  • Gemma Armengol, founder and CEO of the commercial showroom White Line
  • Adrià Machado, designer of the sustainable fashion brand amt. Finalist of Who’s On Next 2019
  • Davit Malakyan head of stamping workshop, ESDi
  • Miquel Malaspina designer and professor at ESDi


  • 1.Trends and Branding:

    _Introduction: a look through the history of trends until the arrival of prêt-à-porter
    _Initial research: trend forecast. The concept and the brand.

  • 2.Immersion in the collection:

    _Creative and technical research
    _Processes and timings in the creation of a collection, production and services
    _Revision of prêt-à-porter collections: female, male, kids and maternity
    _Fabrics and materials
    _Color cards
    _Sustainability and environmental care. Traceability. Circular economy.

  • 3.Communication and marketing:

    _Communication, PR and marketing plan
    _Fashion platforms. Runways and events

  • 4.Commercial area

    _Presentation and distribution of collections
    _Personal Shopper
    _Fashion fairs
    _Retail, e-commerce and omnichannel systems
    _Innovation: search for new formulas. Fashion globalization. Crowdfunding and innovation in the financing and distribution of products.

  • 5.Creative resources workshop, by the designers Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull, of Zazo & Brull

  • 6. Essays in design methodology (ESDI Sabadell)

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