Student Advisor and Career Service

Student Advisor

⟶ Helping international students to adjust to ESDi (academic & personal matters).
⟶ Promoting a smooth transition between home and host university.
⟶ Clarifying doubts or concerns about courses, timetables, marks, teachers & ESDi facilities.
⟶ Cultural integration in Barcelona (accommodation, transport, tourism and day activities).

Welfare service: To complement your academic experience, you will be assigned a student advisor who will provide guidance and support throughout your experience at ESDi. Your advisor is here to help you with your emotional well-being. Your student advisor will provide you with an atmosphere of trust so that you feel free to talk about your situation in complete confidentiality. For students with disabilities, ESDi offers Counseling Disability support to provide the best conditions and accessible ways for students to complete their studies.

Career & Employment Services. Job Internship offer

At ESDi, Learning by Doing is our vital teaching method. Therefore, our Career Service is set up to support students with a solid foundation before entering their career path.
Our offices arrange several conferences and workshops for students to enhance their portfolio and to have an outstanding CV…

ESDi has many relationships with top tier companies in Spain, such as: Mango, Inditex Group, Vueling... Students have the opportunity to access our job offers to work as unpaid or paid interns before graduation. For updated opportunities, student can contact the Academic Secretary's Office:

Daniel Fernández - Email: /

Tutors & Mentors

ESDi offers services to guide and accompany students during their studies.

Tutors provide guidance on teaching issues and give academic support to the student. Each course has a tutor.

The Mentorship Programme offers free, confidential and professional advice to ESDi students. The University offers an individual mentor to help you if you have practical or personal concerns while you are in Barcelona.