Living in Barcelona

With over 100 kilometres and several areas, it will be a bit overwhelming for students when they start looking for a rental location. We would like to give you some examples of typical areas that are very suitable for students' demands from affordable living to bustling locations.

Recommended areas to live in Barcelona and Sabadell:

Ciutat vella

In the district of Ciutat Vella you will find areas where the price of rent is not exaggerated, such as Raval, Born or Barceloneta. These neighbourhoods are very active tourist areas in Barcelona. These areas are very well connected to Barcelona's public transport system, whether you want to get around by train, bus or through the city's bicing system. These are undoubtedly the most affordable neighbourhoods when it comes to finding a student flat in the centre of Barcelona, where you will find good prices for a room in a shared flat.


From the very beginning, this district has been home to factories, making it the most 'high-tech' district. The landscape of this neighbourhood is in constant movement as more and more leisure and housing units are being created. Another advantage of this neighbourhood is that it is close to the sea, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy it in summer.


It is the most populated neighbourhood in Barcelona. A very important thing to highlight about this neighbourhood is the urban plan implemented by Cerdà, which divides the neighbourhood into equal blocks with wide streets.


At first, Gràcia was a town far away from Barcelona, but as the city expanded, Gràcia was included. It started out as a historic neighbourhood with its stately homes but today it is one of the most visited neighbourhoods for its small craft shops and its history.

In Gràcia there are many options when it comes to finding flats to share at a good price. It is also a neighbourhood frequented by young people and where cultural life abounds. It is highly recommended if you prioritise settling in the centre. You will discover many terraces perfect for a drink with friends after class, a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes and, in addition, it is an area well known for its popular festivals.


There are two main shopping streets in Barcelona: Passeig de Gràcia and Portal de l'Àngel. Both start at the famous Plaça de Catalunya. Portal de l'Àngel is your place for cheap shopping in Barcelona. Passeig de Gràcia, on the other hand, is for high end & luxury shopping.

Barcelona Shopping centres:
Diagonal Mar, Glòries, Las Arenas, L’Illa Diagonal, El Corte Inglés.

Outlet shopping
La Roca Village: This luxury outlet shopping village with over 100 shops is located about 40 minutes northeast of Barcelona, in a town called Santa Agnès de Malanyanes. Here you will find top-quality outlets offering discounts of up to 70% off regular stores.

Living in Sabadell

Can Feu

This neighbourhood was built for the workers' houses, since Sabadell was full of factories at that time. Nowadays, it has been renovated with new buildings and natural areas. Moreover, the name comes from the old castle which today is owned by the municipality. From the railway station, it is about 20 minutes from the university.

Can Llong

This is one of the most modern neighbourhoods of Sabadell, where we can find shopping areas in the two main streets, a swimming club and green areas. As a place to live, it is a very quiet neighbourhood where you will have all your needs covered since it is designed for a residential neighbourhood. Can Llong is about 25 minutes from the university using public transport.