As we have already mentioned regarding the differences between official and unofficial degrees, the homologation process is necessary if a student is going to pursue an official Undergraduate Degree or an official Master's Degree.

What is homologation?

The homologation is simply the official validation in Spain of a secondary education degree obtained abroad. It refers to the recognition of its official validity in Spain.

Do I have to homologate my studies?

To be admitted as an international student at ESDi, your previous studies must be recognised by the Spanish Ministry of Education. You have to submit your application for recognition of studies application at the registers of the Spanish Ministry of Education or at the places established in the regulations (amongst them, Spanish embassies or consulates).

Requirements for homologation:

1. Studies must be valid in your country.
2. Studies must have been completed and all courses must have been passed.
3. There must be sufficient equivalence of these studies with the Spanish system, both at the academic level and in terms of duration and content.
4. If you have studied in a foreign centre in Spain, it must be an accredited centre.

Under no circumstances will the following get homologated:

⟶ Individual subjects.
⟶ Studies at foreign institutions not accredited in Spain.


There are two different accreditation processes, depending on the secondary education degree obtained abroad. Those are (links in the Homologation Guide):

✔ UNEDasiss credential (EU, internationals studies & bilateral agreements).
✔ Homologation: Foreign education system (non-EU and non-international studies).

Can I apply for admission if I have not started the homologation procedure?

If you are currently studying the last year of high school, you can apply for admission without providing the application form and the provisional registration note. If you are admitted, you will have to provide us with the homologation documents as soon as possible.

Can I start my studies before getting the homologation?

Yes, if you have applied for homologation, you can start your studies.