Further information

Phone and SIM card

If you wish to have a Spanish mobile number you can buy it through a contract or a prepaid card. We purchasing a prepaid card because contracts in Spain usually require a minimum stay of 24 months. However, you should check the precise conditions directly with the company:

Big companies: Low-cost companies: Economic International Calls:
Students Phone*

*The latter offers facilities for students who do not yet have the NIE/TIE and/or do not speak Spanish or Catalan: Students Phone, Via Laietana 45, Barcelona 08003, info@studentsphone.com.

As with mobile phones, there is a wide range of Internet providers. When hiring, make sure the contract does not exceed the months of your stay in Barcelona.

ADSL Big companies: ADSL Low-cost companies: Optical fibre

*Not all streets have this option, you should check on the website.

Barcelona City Council, through its Barcelona WiFi service, has already set up more than 400 WiFi access points located in various municipal facilities and on public streets.

Bank account

If you live in Spain it is highly recommended that you open a Spanish bank account. In fact, if you are a non-EU student and you are going to stay for more than one year in Spain, opening a bank account is practically essential. It will facilitate the renewal of your NIE/TIE.

All Spanish banks accept foreign students as clients. However, conditions vary from bank to bank. Students under the age of 26 generally have to pay reduced or free administration fees. Normally, to open an account, it is necessary to submit your NIE & passport. Therefore, if you need to urgently open an account and you do not yet have the NIE or TIE, you must present the non-resident certificate, your NIE number on your visa.

To open an account at these bank branches, you will need to follow the instructions below:

⟶ Passport
⟶ Spanish mobile number (if you have one)
⟶ Postal address in Spain
⟶ Letter of acceptance from ESDi (letter of admission, visa letter, certificate of formalities, etc.). If you do not have any of these documents, ask your student advisor for it.

Bankia (https://www.bankia.es/en/retail-banking/accounts-and-cards/accounts#ni)
BancoSabadell (https://www.bancsabadell.com/cs/Satellite/SabAtl/Welcome/6000024207598/en/)
La Caixa (https://www.caixabank.es/particular/cuentas/cuentas-bancarias.html)
Banco Santander (https://www.bancosantander.es/es/particulares/cuentas-corrientes)

Bank details of ESDi

Bank Transfer: Fundació del Disseny Tèxtil (FUNDIT), Marquès de Comillas 83 08202 – Sabadell, Barcelona. Company: Banco de Sabadell, Plaza Sant Roc 20, 08201 Sabadell, Barcelona.
Reference: Student name + Program.
IBAN: ES70 0081 0900 85 0001958003.
Swift Code: BSABESB.

Be aware of your belongings

One of the most important things we would like to remind students when they arrive in Barcelona is to "watch out for pickpockets”. Being a very popular tourist destination, there are many thieves who take advantage of tourists or new expats to steal property from them. However, if we pay enough attention, we can prevent this from happening.

⟶ Take care of your belongings wherever you are on the beach, on public transport, on busy streets.
⟶ Remember to always keep your bag in front of you and cover it with your hands.
⟶ Pay attention to their evasion techniques. They may do this while asking you for directions and pretending to be lost tourists.
⟶ Should this unfortunate situation happen to you, we recommend that you cancel your visa/debit card immediately and claim that issue at the closest police station. Most police officers in Barcelona can speak English, so you should not worry if you cannot yet speak Spanish.