Courses and Programmes

Undergraduate Degree in Design and Master's Degrees

Non Official vs. Official Studies

At ESDi, we offer an official Undergraduate Degree in Design with 6 disciplines, an official Master's Degree in Digital Art Curatorship (Spanish) and some URL-ESDi or ESDi-specific programmes. All programmes from ESDi are guaranteed in terms of teaching quality, up-to-date knowledge and professional skills. However, there are some significant differences between the 2 types of programmes. In the table below, students can find out more about the validation between each area:

Official Degree ESDi-specific Degree
Recognition in the labour market
Prerequisite for employment in the public administration. The prestige of ESDi & the programme is valued
The prestige of ESDi & the programme is valued
Standard: 60 ECTS/academic year
Standard: 60 ECTS/academic year
Access requirements
High School diploma + compulsory UNED credential/homologation if studied abroad
High School diploma; UNED credential/homologation not compulsory even if studied abroad
Access to official Master and Ph.D. programs
Allows access to official Master and Ph.D. programmes
In Spain, university-specific degrees do not allow access to official Master and Ph.D. programmes
Recognition in other countries
Within EHEA they are recognised by all universities. It depends on the legislation of each country. It is endorsed by the State and the ESDi
It depends on the legislation of each country. It is endorsed by the ESDi, a private university in Spain
Grants and public employment offers
Necessary to apply for job offers in the public administration
It depends on the job offer: in public offers in Spain, official degrees are often prioritised
Hands-on orientation and internships
Offering both research and professional orientations. Often diverse itineraries are offered within a given programme
Professional hands-on orientation, often incorporating curricular or non-curricular internships

Erasmus, Free Moving Programmes and International Student Network

Internationalisation is a key priority of our development strategy, we strive to bring students opportunities to study abroad in 1-2 semesters, as well as create a dynamic environment with international culture in our university. We have more than 50 agreements with various universities across the world (Europe, Latin America, Asia…). It is a valuable opportunity for students to study 1 or 2 semesters at the prestigious universities in the design industry: University of Southampton, London College of Fashion, Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Aalto university in Finland and many other reputable universities. Students can learn more about exchange programmes by clicking on the link:

Orientation Week

Welcome Day

Upon arrival, students attend a fun and informative Welcome Day, helping them to adjust to their new environment. The event offers the possibility to meet other students, make friends more easily and learn more about Barcelona itself.

Integration week

The ESDi team organises a series of off-campus activities to experience all that Barcelona has to offer. Past events include a lunch by the sea, a tapas tour, a visit to the coolest boho district, a visit to the Barcelona Design Museum exhibition, an afternoon tea and an evening event to get to know other national and international students.


OpenESDi courses: Online (live streaming) and short face-to-face courses (less than 20 hours) revolve around different specialisations in the world of design and creativity: fashion, product, audiovisual, graphic design and art. OpenESDi's offer includes introductory courses, as well as refresher courses or professionalisation courses. These courses offer the opportunity to live an educational experience at a prestigious design university, where you can network with professionals in different creative fields. At the end of the course, a diploma is given that certifies the acquired professional competencies. Join us:

Summer Campus

This programme will inspire your artistic and creative skills in just 2 weeks, either in June or July. You will be immersed in the design vibe with industry professionals and fellow design enthusiasts, and you will discover the direction you want to take in your career as a designer. Summer Campus Programme: