There are many options to choose from for accommodation in Barcelona or Sabadell: from a student residence to a private room, a flat...

To stay in Sabadell, you can take advantage of cheaper housing prices compared to Barcelona. We recommend students to stay in the centre of Sabadell for a more comfortable experience. If you do not have private transport, it is especially convenient to stay near Renfe, the bus station to travel easily to Barcelona on some occasions. Below you will find detailed information on each accommodations for your reference:

Before you start looking

Renting a flat or a room

Type of renting Price in Barcelona Price in Sabadell
A single bedroom
270€ to 400€
250€ to 350€
A double bedroom
400€ to 600€
350€ to 450€
A studio/small flat (1-2 bedrooms)
690€ to 800€
600€ to 750€

Students can choose to rent a flat or a room, which has more advantages in terms of affordability and flexibility. In Barcelona or Sabadell in particular, there are many platforms that help students to easily find a place adapted to their demands. For example:

Platform Website
Pisos estudiantes Barcelona
Inèdit Barcelona
Spot a Home
De Piso en Piso

Student residences

There are many benefits of living in the student residence. The price includes: extra service (cleaning, change of the bed sheets, towels...); consumption expenditure (gas, water, electricity, high security...).

Student residences in Barcelona

Place Address Website Phone number
+34 933 943 500
Residencia Balmes
+34 933 024 192
Barcelona Resident
+34 932 687 879
Barcelona Residencias Sardenya
+34 934 141 850
The Student Hotel Barcelona
+34 933 099 830
Residencia Universitaria Augusta
+34 933 689 099
Residencia Roca
+34 934 173 194
La Salle Bonanova
+34 607 085 459
Micampus Barcelona
+34 646 983 181

Student residences in Sabadell

Place Price/month Type Link
~ 830€
Shared double room
Residencia Can Feliu del Cantó
~ 700€
A double room/a private room

ESDi housing partners: offers

In order to support students in terms of housing & accommodation, ESDi has agreements with some platforms with a specific service that aims to help students to find a suitable place for them:


Supports students to find a place that suits their needs, contact the landlord... Personal assessment:

MiCampus Residencias

8% monthly discount :

Inèdit Barcelona

5% monthly discount:


20% discount on Administration charges:

Jump In Barcelona

100% discount on Administration charges:

TSH Campus Barcelona

2.5% monthly discount on your booking with a promo code:
Housing preference for ESDi students

Casamon Residencias

5% monthly discount:
A residence for ESDi designers

InLife Housing

10% discount with the promo code: INESDI


How to get to the Sabadell Campus

Private transport

From Barcelona's city centre, it takes around 30 minutes to get to Sabadell on the C-58 motorway. The cost of fuel is around 2-4€.

Public transport


FGC Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya offer 12 rail services on two separate networks: Barcelona-Vallès and Llobregat-Anoia. The Barcelona-Vallès is the one that connects the city of Barcelona with Sabadell, where ESDi's headquarters are located. Take the S2 line Barcelona-Vallès and stop at Sabadell Plaça Major station, located a 10-minute walk away from ESDi Sabadell.

Renfe Rodalies

The commuter rail network RENFE Barcelona connects with the major cities of Catalonia, including Sabadell, where you can find the headquarters of ESDi Higher School of Design. Take the R4 train, direction Terrassa or Manresa, and stop at the Sabadell Centre station. ESDi Sabadell is only a 5-minute walk away from the station.
*Please note that Sabadell is in Zone 2, so you will need to get a Zone 2 ticket (valid for Metro, Bus, Night Bus, Ferrocarril and Renfe).


From Barcelona, you can take A1 bus to get to Sabadell. The bus arrives every 15 minutes. The urban bus network of Sabadell, called TUS, offers its services throughout the city all day long. Lines F5, L5 and L55 stop right outside ESDi.