HNC in Personal and Corporate Image Consulting (EATM)

Transmitting a clear and coherent image is the basis of an optimal positioning, both personal and business and institutional. The Higher National Certificate in Personal and Corporate Image Consulting aims to train professionals with the ability to design projects of personal, business and institutional image consulting, organize events and plan processes related to communication, protocol and social uses.

The future image advisor will learn to enhance both the personal and business image. He will apply iconological tools and will adapt them to the communicative codes of the different situations of the environment. The student will study techniques of aesthetics, styling, protocol, organization of events and written, verbal and gestural expression. Thus, he will acquire key elements to achieve a professional training that will place him successfully in the field of Image Consultancy.

Image as a communication tool becomes an essential resource. For this reason, emphasis is placed on the approximation to graphic languages, presentation supports and audiovisual techniques. Also in its implementation in television, internet, social networks or press, in order to consolidate the image to be transmitted. Specific knowledge of management and marketing in the field of the company will be imparted.

Information HNC in Personal and Corporate Image Consulting (EATM)