Communication, Marketing and Fashion Promotion (EATM)

The Postgraduate Degree in Communication, Marketing and Fashion Promotion will teach you how to guide the growth of a brand. The main objective is to train professionals with a strategic vision focused on the brand positioning and its online and offline development. Traditional and innovative methods will be studied to reach the final consumer as well as the national and international press, through visual communication by means of the image, concept, creativity, quality and brand values.


For that purpose, the social, economic and political environment will be analysed; observing trends and knowing the tools is one of the keys to detect changes in the fashion industry.


A comprehensive training in trends and branding, coupled with a knowledge of innovation in fashion and the functioning of the industry, will allow you to introduce in the world of fashion journalism, providing a critical or informative perspective to the readers and viewers that want to know what the industry will hold. Understand the fashion environment, its changes and its future possibilities, will allow you to analyse from fashion collections and international runways as well as the practices of industry giants.




Information Communication, Marketing and Fashion Promotion (EATM)



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