Fashion Management: Product Management – Design – Fashion Styling (EATM)


Fashion world doesn’t end with designers. Sustaining every brand, collection, publication and event, there is a group of professionals with different profiles that contribute with their know-how to the industrial chain of fashion and turn their capacity of innovation in various areas: designers, product managers, stylists…

Through this postgraduate course, you will be able to access to an integral training in this industry. Not only understanding the fashion management, but also the creativity as a starting point and reference for all kind of production.

To achieve this multidisciplinary knowledge, the postgraduate degree aims to combine the classroom sessions with visits to companies linked to the programme (workshops, ateliers and local designers) and interesting events in the city, as well as the possibility of getting in touch with professionals and prestigious companies that will support the vision of the final projects.




Information Fashion Management: Product Management – Design – Fashion Styling (EATM)



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