UI/UX – Interface design and user experience

In an Information Society marked by the user’s active participation, the interface becomes a fundamental element of interaction between people and the artifacts. Through the interface, user experiences can lead the way for a company and also for the entire market: companies must no longer only sell their products or services, but they must also create memorable experiences for the consumers.

Because of this, obtaining knowledge about the management and presentation of information that is adaptable to different devices, formats, and tasks (entertainment, training, health, economy, culture, etc.) will allow the student to develop highly competitive projects. In this, one of the keys will be the perception and the understanding of the needs that are normally associated with this kind of problems and their resolution.

Therefore, the Master in UI/UX design includes methodologies currently used for the design and development of online digital services, from their conception until their production and testing with final users, everything through the viewpoint of design, a differential factor when materializing innovation.

Information UI/UX – Interface design and user experience