UI/UX – Interface design and user experience

In our current times, many of our activities and interactions are mediated by a mobile app, be it the ones we use to seek information, storage it, generate images or even just talk to our family and friends. Because of this, the way in which devices and their programs facilitate the user’s navigation and action is one of the keys of the technological market and of the 4.0 social experience.


In our master, therefore, we aim to train professionals who are capacitated for the design and analysis of systems for the varied interactive devices that are currently available, no matter if they’re centered in entertainment, health, economy or education. To achieve this, we offer an education that considers both the creator’s perspective and the user’s, therefore giving the future UI/UX professionals the tools for generating competitive projects that are able to adapt to the constant transformation of the medium.


Within companies, leaving a mark on users and generating memorable, gratifying and enriching experiences for them has become one of the neuralgic aspects of the new business models, while, at the same time, users demand more effective, efficient, simple and intuitive interfaces. In that intersection, the UI/UX professional is the best person to lead and manage interface projects in which the presentation of the information, the navigation, the prototyping the adaptability and the error resolution have to be determined.

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Information UI/UX – Interface design and user experience