Management of the Fashion and Design Industry

Like trends, the fashion industry is in constant movement. Business models expire and methods for approaching clients change. Ways of generating brands no longer warrant success. For this reason, a multidisciplinary training in fashion management is fundamental to identify the public’s needs and their possibilities.

This Master’s Degree in Fashion Management allows you to combine creation and innovation with marketing, communication and technology. Also emphasizing the legal, logistic and economical keys that articulate every company.

Through this balance, this Master’s Degree is preoccupied not only with the product, its originality and the efficacy of its execution. But also with the contact with the public, from the instant it’s aware of the product’s existence to the purchase. Moreover, being carried out by high level professionals and executives, the Master in Management gives a professionalizing chance for those who want to enter an industry of constant growth and specialization.


Information Management of the Fashion and Design Industry