proyecto final de grado, pfg, dellas, gestión del diseño, katerine b chang, grado en diseño

The project is a theoretical work that starts from feminism and focuses on the analysis of four case studies of women designers, artists and architects. This work tries to show that feminine look, way of doing or taking care of, that is something very feminine.

It will be worked from the perspective of acquiring skills as a designer, knowledge, strategies and ways of understanding design, treating feminism as if it were one more tool. Worked from the multidisciplinary point of view, it can be very useful to take into account the design made by women and that the story has not counted or simply has not had enough diffusion.

The system has not provided enough information of female referents. You should be aware of this. An example of this lack of information is the case of the Museum of Design, where you can find sixty cases of Spanish graphic designers, all men. One reason may be that in all the books that have dealt with Spanish design they have always studied the same authors and these are repeated. There has not been time, energy and economic resources available to do research on designers, architects, artists and creative women.

Another reason could be that Spanish design follows the canon of modern design. That is to say, all that design that resembles international design, rationalist design, Swiss school, etc.

In the world of design, the design of creative women, who have another language or other strategies, has not been taken into account. A design that exists and deserves to be treated.