‘Sewing the Past’, a day focused on sustainable fashion

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‘Sewing the Past’, a day focused on sustainable fashion

On Thursday, June 6, ESDi organized a day dedicated to sustainable fashion titled “Sewing the past”. The event began at 6:30 p.m. at Espai Emprius with a short introduction by Mr. Juan José Pérez Villar, General Secretary of the Textile Design Foundation (FUNDIT). Pérez Villar stressed the need to change the current fashion system. The excessive consumption and production caused by fast fashion are having fatal consequences in the environment.

After his speech, Dr. Encarna Ruiz presented the speakers of the round table “Sustainable Cycle”. Marcel·lí Pérez, textile engineer who works at Fundació Indicis with projects, training and dissemination of fashion sustainability, began. The engineer stressed that a sustainable fashion project requires three key axes. In the first place, respect for the environment, but also ethics and social responsibility. Of course, never forgetting the viability and economic solvency, necessary in any project.

Later, the brand Back to Eco participated explaining its fashion project, which creates new products from materials considered waste. They showed how is the production process of their accessories, eco designed and manufactured in Barcelona with used jeans.

Finally, it was the turn of Pasqual Arnella, a firm that has developed the first line of 100% recycled and recyclable mannequins, made of paper pulp. They wanted to claim sustainability as real value and not as something marketing focused. They spoke about how large companies take advantage of sustainability to sell and not to contribute to the improvement of the planet.

desfile de moda, moda sostenible,, desfile alumnos, upcyclingdesfile de moda, moda sostenible,, desfile alumnos, upcycling

The three speakers finished the round table urging ESDi students to work from a sustainable vision. Realizing their projects being always responsible with the environment and society.


The backstage

desfile de moda, moda sostenible,, desfile alumnos, upcycling

desfile de moda, moda sostenible,, desfile alumnos, upcycling

Fashion show with upcycled clothes

Once the round table was finished, 2nd-year students of the Official Degree in Design presented their projects with upcycled clothes. Therefore, Aroa López, Gemma Pascual, Maria Rosiñol, Anna Casáis, Maria Rodríguez, Andrea Mansilla, Emma Soler, Carla Jiménez, Sarahi Mireles, Evie Grippando, Mònica Guiu, Laura Villar, Ester Rodríguez, Laura Valenzuela, Montserrat Segués, Sara Carbonell, Ruo Xi Situ Ye, Cristina Mateu, Pablo Córdoba, Jaime García, Alba Aranda, Júlia Pérez, Josep Rosell, Júlia Cabús, Lídia Blanch and Queralt Bataller designed garments from other pieces and materials that were going to be discarded.

Through this day, ESDi wants us to become aware of sustainable fashion in one of the most polluting industries. Learn to convert, revalue and recycle to favor global change towards a circular economy.