‘Prosumer’, color trend of ESDi Color Lab for autumn-winter 2021-22


‘Prosumer’, color trend of ESDi Color Lab for autumn-winter 2021-22

“Prosumer” is the conceptual proposal of ESDi Color Lab, the colour trends laboratory of the ESDi School of Design, for the Intercolor congress. The proposal was presented yesterday at the international congress of the colour Intercolor , in Cologne (Germany), revolves around the figure of the prosumer and has four colour cards for the next autumn/winter season 2021-22: Partnership, Nomadic, Inconstant and Ethical.

The prosumer has begun the conquest of the market. It’s boosted by the growing interest in raising the of customization of everything that configures its environment. In this new space, industries demand the presence of this new actor who is characterized by wanting to make decisions.

In our digital environment, this relationship between clients and professionals is carried out in the form of data that consumers themsselves offer to producers. This allows the generation of an extraordinary feedback in which consumers and producers are the same entity. The prosumer generates speeches and his intentionality transcends the limits of the market and the environment itself. This profile is the driver of a new consumer who is related with the brand, demands experience as a source of information and favours subscription models with the idea of co-creating. In this environment, responsibility is enhanced as well as the need to design goods, services and experiences that transcend market boundaries and bring prosumer to a new environment in which having is not the same as owning.