Project Camaleón of the subject small household appliances

Project Camaleón of the subject small household appliances

4th year product design students doing the official Degree in Design, designed a laptop lifter for the subject ‘small household appliances’ carried out by Professor David Morera. The challenge lay in combining technical and electronic needs with product design and its usability. Criteria of any projecting subject were implemented.

The project was divided into 3 phases:

  1. ergonomic and functional analysis of a laptop lifter including a cooling system and USB for charging
  2. research of innovative functions using electronic components that are already on the market
  3. technical and formal solution to ensure a correct operation

The delivery consisted in a theoretical-formal report as well as a technical report. Additionally, the students handed in 3D and renders with dimensional drawings.

The project ‘Camaleón‘, designed by the student Carlos Álvarez, stood out for the innovative pedagogical element in an ergonomic project for children. There are no precedents for pedagogical ergonomic elements in the laptop sector. A part from its innovative character, the technic solutions were very complex and superior to the requested level. The project was brilliantly resolved on a technical level.