Project presentations of ESDi x AXOR

Project presentations of ESDi x AXOR

On January 16th, the visit of the company AXOR, recognized for its prestige in the manufacture of taps and showers, took place with the aim of evaluating various works of the subject Comprehensive Projects II of the Degree in Design, majors in Product and Interior Design. Founded on its founding principles of avant-garde, individualization and perfection, AXOR was established in 1993 with the aim of creating high-quality bathroom products in terms of design, technology and production. Since its inception, the brand has maintained unquestionable excellence in its offering.

The 3rd year students had the opportunity to present the proposals for “bathrooms of the future” in front of Coral Martinez, teacher of the subject, and Luis Montes de Oca, Director of Marketing and Communication at Hansgrohe Iberia. The assignment for the subject focused on the design of a toilet, integrating AXOR products, and subsequently, the creation of a model with all the elements presented during its exhibition.

Below you can see a summary of the models that the students made:

To end the session, the AXOR representative presented three awards to the best projects, highlighting the quality and creativity of the designs presented by the students. The first prize stood out for the innovative use of color and light as central elements of the room. The second prize was awarded to a model exceptionally executed with ceramic, inspired by the cultural wealth of Morocco. The third, and final prize, recognized the design of a toilet adapted for people with reduced mobility, demonstrating an effective adaptation of all elements for daily use.

1st prize, Anna Paula Guerra, David Franco and Edda Júlía Alfredsdóttir

2nd Prize, Estel Paradeda, Mariona Solà, Berta Bosch and Karolina Hodasova

3rd Prize, Naia Aznar, Anna Clos, Arnau López and Aida Martí

This initiative not only strengthened the collaboration between the university and the company, but also provided students with a unique opportunity to be recognized for their talent and dedication in the field of design.