Gerard Kogler


Curriculum vitae

  • Gerald Kogler is a computer technician, professor and designer.
  • Specialist in web applications and interactive system design, he works on computing projects for clients in the cultural and scientific field.
  • He is currently doing several projects for the Museu de la Ciència i de la Técnica de Catalunya, among them labonavida.cat, bigbang.cat y sistemnactec.cat.
  • He also teaches several subjects in universities in Barcelona, and gives workshops in creative programming with free software.
  • In ESDi Kogler teaches subjects related to programming, interactive design and audiovisual installations.
  • He also does electronic art installations that have been presented in several festivals, like Medialab Madrid, LABoral of Gijón and Bòlit of Girona.
  • He won the first ARCO Prize for Electronic Art with the project Independent Robotic Community.
  • He’s a part of the ZZZINC collective, an association that researches the rol of innovation in culture.