Graphic Design students develop the new mascot of the Club Natació Sabadell

clubi, mascota, club natació sabadell, diseño gráfico

Graphic Design students develop the new mascot of the Club Natació Sabadell

Within the collaboration between the Club Natació Sabadell, the CNS Foundation and ESDi Higher School of Design, the design of the Club’s mascot was entrusted to a group of third-year students of the Degree in Graphic Design. Francisca Sotomayor, Marina Llauradó, Mariona del Pulgar and Olga Espinosa were the authors. Claudia Santamaria, Marianna de Nadal and Claudia Pla were their mentors from the Graphic and Audiovisual Design department.

The objective was to create a mascot that encompass the values of the Club Natació Sabadell for motivate children to play sports. Therefore, the mascot needed to transmit the sport values, besides being attractive and kind for the little ones. Within the wide range of Club’s values, for the creation of the mascot stood out the commitment, the companionship, the effort, the overcoming, the work in a team, the perseverance, the fidelity and the generosity.

Thus, it were chosen attractive psychological characteristics for the children, such as: fun, empathetic, enthusiastic, extroverted, alive, active, cheerful, faithful and trusting. The chosen physical characteristics were: soft, smooth, with cheerful colors and rounded shapes.

clubi, mascot, club natació sabadellclubi, club natacio sabadell, design mascot, graphic design

As conceptual references, the representation of the water and the pool was taken into account by means of tiles. Sports motifs also, with the Winged Victory and the leaf crown of the Olympic Games. Nature references were used, such as aquatic animals, amphibians and flying fishes. As children’s references, they opted for cartoons with rounded shapes to transmit sweetness. The color palette was inspired by the water and the Club, together with the yellow to bring strength and brilliance.

The chosen name was Clubi, derived from Club and finished in -i, in order to sound more childish. Short, simple, easy to remind and pronounce. Clearly it remembers where the pet comes from.

Regarding the composition, the helmet is inspired by the Club logo, while the ears come from the flying fish. The tail is inspired by the tadpoles, and the back by the tiles of the swimming pool and the Parc Güell dragon. Moreover, the crown reminds the NIKE goddess, the body comes from The Moomin and the face remembers the axolotl amphibian.

The selected blue shades were Pantone 297C, 7689C and 7687C, and 115C for yellow. Congratulations to our students for the effort and the result!

diseño gráfico, escuela de diseño, ESDi, club natació sabadell, diseño mascota

Third-year ESDi students of the Degree in Graphic Design, during the process of creating Clubi



clubi, mascota, club natacio sabadell, diseño gráfico