Interview with the alumni Marta de los Pájaros, artist and art curator

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Interview with the alumni Marta de los Pájaros, artist and art curator

On the occasion of his recent exhibition Anthropocenic Naturgemälde, held at the Espronceda center, we interviewed the artist and art curator Marta de los Pájaros. Born in Barcelona in 1984, the integrity of her work arises from the synergies generated by the binomial Humanities-Fine Arts. Marta understands collage as a discursive and disruptive medium. Through it, she constructs new units of meaning derived from a selection, decontextualization and recontextualization of our visual culture.

Each work opens the way to a symbolic locus in which an unique scenario is represented. Although fictitious in appearance, it remains rooted in a reality sustained by the original source and the selected images. The plastic language interweaves graphic material of different origins and chronology, with disparate elements. She is capable of erecting delimited spaces that evoke structures charged with intention, which aim to appeal to the imaginary of the viewer.

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In her last exhibition Anthropocenic Naturgemälde, Marta de los Pájaros makes thoughtful outlines about our relationship with nature. A space for narration and reunion through collage between the vast lyric-scientific cosmos of von Humboldt and De los Pájaros’ creative interpretation of it. Capsuled samples that take us back to the origin of natural history museums. Formal paradoxes and compositions that are reflections of influences, presenting an intense

The exhibition demands an urgent conscious awakening concerning our planet’s health and the life it hosts, as well as a new approach regarding the increasingly exhausted and individualistic environment we belong to.

The influence of being an art curator in her work

We leave you with the interview in video format to this alumni ESDi of the Master in Digital Art Curatorship. She explains how these studies have influenced her work, wich now cover from the positioning of an art curator. That is, taking into account all those fundamental elements within an expository process. We hope you like it!