Students reinterpret works from the Sabadell Art Museum

Students reinterpret works from the Sabadell Art Museum

The students of the 2nd year of the Design Degree of ESDI, in collaboration with the Town Council and the Museum of Art of Sabadell, have shown the result of their work in the framework of the “Visiones sobre la colección” project. During three months, the 80 students were able to visit the Art Museum’s warehouse, selecting a work for study and reinterpretation through their own vision and creativity.

This project, the result of the synergy between the academic and cultural worlds, has allowed students to explore the depths of the museum’s collection, moving away from conventional exhibitions and connecting intimately with works of art. Inspired by their choice, they have created a total of 40 new works that offer a fresh and contemporary vision of the original pieces.

The exhibition can be visited virtually in the following enlace.

The results of this collaboration were also presented in an event in the ESDI Auditorium, which included the participation of students, representatives of the Art Museum and the School, as well as the presence of Carlos de la Rosa, councilor for culture. In addition, it is also worth noting that this initiative takes place within the framework of Sabadell as Capital of Catalan Culture 2024, reaffirming the city’s commitment to the promotion of art and culture.

This initiative has not only enriched the students’ curriculum, but also consolidated the ties between the educational and cultural community of Sabadell, reinforcing the importance of collaboration between institutions to foster creativity and innovation in the field of arts and the design.