Specialization Diploma

Interactive Design and Emerging Technologies

The Specialization Diploma in Interactive Design and Emerging Technologies provides you with the specialized tools and skills to face any challenges that the technological evolution may present us with.


⟶ The main objective is to apply the new technological models that are driving the digital revolution to the design process, in order to acquire the skills of a designer capable of mastering multidisciplinary environments where the physical and digital spheres merge.

⟶ Understanding new technological systems from a reflective, creative, functional, efficient and ethical point of view to meet the needs of a 5.0 society, where technology is increasingly integrated into life: Big Data, autonomous robots, simulation, Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, among many others.

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Key data

Specialization Diploma in Interactive Design and Emerging Technologies (ESDi-specific diploma).

4 academic years.

46 ECTS (distributed over 4 years, 10-12 ECTS per year).

On-campus. ESDi Campus Sabadell (C/ Marquès de Comillas, 81-83, 08202 Sabadell).

€10.332 Undergraduate Degree in Design + Specialization Diploma in Interactive Design and Emergent Technologies.

Academic period
October to June.

Spanish / Catalan.

For the first three academic years, there will be two sessions a week from 3 pm to 8 pm. During the 4th academic year, there will be two sessions a week between 8.30 am and 3 pm.



The total number of credits for the Specialization Diploma in Interactive Design and Emerging Technologies is 46 ECTS, divided in 4 academic years (between 10 and 14 ECTS per year). It is designed to complement the Degree in Design, which is taken simultaneously.

1st academic year

Smart Objects & Digital Fabrication.

Incorporation of emerging technologies in the design process of product creation.

Credits: 6 ECTS.

Materials Innovation.

New and alternative materials and their processing. Innovative, sustainable, and creative use of materials.

Credits: 4 ECTS.

2nd academic year

Fundamentals of Digital Culture.

Study and analysis of references and projects in the bonding between design, art, science, and digital technologies.

Credits: 4 ECTS.

Digital Creation.

Use and management of information and digital tools for creative and narrative use.

Credits: 4 ECTS.

3D Animation and Holography.

3D modelling software and visual experimentation techniques applied to design projects.

Credits: 4 ECTS.

3rd academic year

Dynamic Data Programming.

Programming languages applied to the design of interactive and web applications.

Credits: 6 ECTS.

Creative Interaction.

Creative programming for interactive graphics and sound, interfaces, data management and visualization, digital communications.

Credits: 6 ECTS.

4th academic year

Smart Design.

Connected devices, data exchange and systems via the internet (Internet of Things).

Credits: 6 ECTS.

Smart Projects.

Final interactive design project in which to apply the knowledge obtained in computer design, digital fabrication, hardware and software, electronic prototyping and programming.

Credits: 6 ECTS.


⟶ Digital fabrication: Use and manipulation of digital fabrication tools (3D modelling and printing, laser cutting, CNC).
⟶ Development of Information systems and applications : design and development of web pages and mobile applications.
⟶ Design and development of virtual simulation applications: augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality.
⟶ Design of smart products, spaces, and services: household appliances, wearables, urban furniture, mobility, etc.
⟶ Management of multidisciplinary R&D&I teams and projects in public and private companies.
⟶ Academic research, innovation, and analysis of technological trends. Their application in society and impact.
⟶ Consultancy. Advice on innovation, digital systems, optimization of production models with the use of technology for private and public companies.
⟶ Design of interactive devices for the cultural field and for exhibitions in public or private institutions.
⟶ Creative direction specializing in interactivity, gamification and creative programming.


Agustina Palazzo, esdi, agustinable, smart design, postgrado diseño de calzado, máster comisariado de arte digital

Agustina Palazzo

Multidisciplinary artist and cultural manager. Coordinator of the Bachelor in Smart Design
Marcelo de Medeiros, diseñador de calzado, cuenca&co, postgrado diseño de calzado barcelona

Marce de Medeiros

Product designer expert in new materials
lara campos, material designer, bachelor smart design, barcelona

Lara Campos

Material designer & researcher

Joan Planas

Co-founder of Domestic Data Streamers
ivan marino, smart design, artist & researcher, diseño ui/ux

Dr. Iván Marino

Audiovisual artist and researcher
Daniela Savalli, bachelor en smart design esdi

Daniella Savalli

Audiovisual producer and director

Eneritz Tejada

Artist specialising in digital arts, performance and interactive art

Scholarships and grants

⟶ Nobody with a passion and capacity for design should miss out on the opportunity to get an education for economic reasons. Therefore, at ESDi we want to make it easier for future students, promote academic excellence, and boost the academic and professional careers of our students through our scholarships and grants program.

⟶ For more information about our scholarships and grants, please email us to admissions@esdi.edu.es

More information

If you are interested in coursing the Specialization Diploma in Interactive Design and Emerging Technologies, you can contact us by email at admissions@esdi.edu.es or via WhatsApp (+34) 606 237 428. We will inform you about the admission process, the scholarships and grants that are available and we will resolve any queries you may have.