Gemma Carreras and Albert Margalef Gaudeamus Projecta nominees

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Gemma Carreras and Albert Margalef Gaudeamus Projecta nominees

Graphic Design graduates Gemma Carreras and Albert Margalef have been nominated to the Gaudemus Projecta Awards. These awards are granted by the Official College of Graphic Design of Catalonia, which honors the best Bachelor’s Degree Final Projects in graphic design nationwide.

Homo Digitalis by Gemma Carreras and Mnéme by Albert Margalef are among the 24 selected projects that are eligible to be awarded on the 4th edition of the Gaudeamus Projecta, which will be held on June 16. The aim of these design awards is to honor final projects that stand out thanks to outstanding conceptual contributions, innovation, ethical and responsible criteria regarding society and natural environments, as well as a committed design criteria for everyone in the graphic, plastic and functional approach and resolution of the project.

disseny gràfic, graphic design
gaudeamus projecta

According to Jofre Sanfeliu, ESDi professor and tutor of the project Homo Digitalis, “it is an excellent demonstration of the way in which design can contribute to the acceptance of new communication paradigms, which we apparently still need to understand how to handle from a social perspective. Furthermore, the graphic execution is excellent, displaying a perfect balance between strength and neutrality, coherence between actions and a brilliant development structure”.

On the other hand, Lalo Quintana, ESDi professor and tutor of the project Mnéme, believes that “if we stick to the definition of Inspiration as a stimulus that encourages creativity, then the Albert Margalef’s father was the source of inspiration that led him to create an outstanding work that goes beyond the academic field, and shows future generations that there are no impossible projects. If you skillfully combine academic rigor, coherence and of course, enthusiasm… occasionally one can discover treasures such as Mnéme“.


Best of luck to the both of you!