Tiago Almança

Lofoten Islands


This Final Degree Project studies how to materialize in a publication the experience lived during a trip to the Lofoten Islands in January 2018. This publication represents a travel log: a combination of texts, notes and photographs taken during the expedition.

A photobook with photographs and text, where personal experiences and reflections share space, offering the public a small window open to the author’s thoughts. He wants to offer the reader a fragment of his look from the reflection on his trip. A kind of personal short novel, an internal monologue that aims to end up being a conversation with the public.

Many articles, documentaries and magazines of professional photographers / athletes have already been seen in the most remote places on the planet. As well as many other projects with large teams behind and with great economic support. Trips that to most of us are very far away and that, probably, we do not get to experience the way they are presented to us.

The publication could be defined as the personal experience of an ordinary trip. Ordinary because anyone can do it, it’s not around the world, it’s nothing extraordinary. In fact the Lofoten Islands are quite visited, so googling you can find the experience of thousands of other travelers in this area. But even if you visit the same place, each traveler has a different, unique and unrepeatable experience. The project claims small trips that are great experiences.