Nuria Serrano

Llibreria Híbrida


Project by Nuria Serrano

The project is proposed from the idea of ​​creating a Digital Café-bookshop. A meeting place. A cafeteria is always an ideal complement to ensure that readers have the certainty that, beyond the simple sale of books, many other things occur in the bookstore.

Unquestionably in our project the important thing is books and how we access them, whether in paper or digital format. The space will house a library offer in different themes. Design, art, photography, architecture will be the branches that we will cover.

Apart from this you can attend conferences, exhibitions and other events related to the topics.

The ACCESING_NOT OWNING is one of the themes around which the project revolves, offering solutions to access information free of charge while you are inside the space.

The incorporation of on-demand printing machines is also contemplated, as well as a design space and editorial advice.

Wide and open spaces will be projected, with materials that bring warmth to the different areas.

It has been sought that the space has natural lighting, which has been achieved by projecting a central courtyard that serves as a nucleus differentiating areas.