Gennís Senén


Product Design

Project by Gennís Senén

From the union of design and craftsmanship, Xai is born, a carpet for babies between 0 and 9 months of age to play or rest comfortably. In addition, this carpet is quickly transformed into a basket or a small armchair. Together with the Xisqueta Obrador Association, a product has been created in order to give more output to the wool of the Xisqueta native sheep of the Pyrenees and thus contribute to the conservation of the trades of the area. Xai is therefore a project born within the framework of local development.

After analyzing factors such as the philosophy of the association, the market they supply, the intentions of the future and the techniques that these artisans can use to carry out the product, it was concluded that it was necessary to design a product for babies. Together with design and craftsmanship, Xai is born, a rug for the baby to rest or play, stretched or sitting as if it were an armchair. For its realization, only four materials have been used, two of them come from the Xisqueta sheep (wool and leather) and the other two are wood and cotton, thus creating a product with materials that respect the child and the environment. Xai is composed of: a wool felt carpet Xisqueta with a wooden skeleton and leather details, a wool and cotton mattress, a Russian waterproof cover, a mattress cover and a bow to hang the dolls so that the child can play .