Carla Abad

Torre Balada: Rehabilitation and enlargement of a music school


The project responds to the current need, which has the public entity that uses it, to prepare the building to the activities carried out in the space, making a space sensitive to music through a rehabilitation and enlargement respectful of the historical character of the building.

The project proposes to solve three major issues. First, investigate the actions in heritage buildings and, in this case, on the possibilities of transforming a modernist house. Secondly, find the most suitable acoustic solutions for the activities that are carried out. And, thirdly, propose a solution to take advantage of the gardens.

The concepts that define the project are: the respectful performance on a protected building, the theatricalization of the space, breaking the visual borders, and the link with the garden.

It is proposed to create a central nucleus of accesses with public space around it, a new roof, the acoustic conditioning of the whole building and the link with the new auditorium.

It is proposed to maintain the current use of music school, but reconfiguring all the interior space of the building, since the original state of the house has been maintained without taking into account the program that is currently carried out, reinforcing the relationship between the building and the gardens. In addition, it is intended to cover the need for an auditorium through an extension of the building, using a part of the gardens currently in disuse, and provide these gardens to practice outdoor activities.