Albert Gil Martínez


Product Design

Project by Albert Gil Martínez

MOS is a set of cutlery consisting of a fork, a spoon and a knife. They aim to equate the speed of food intake to a metabolic rate for the development of proper and proper digestion. The action of eating is essential to guarantee our survival, it is one of the basic needs of living beings. Many times, unconsciously or due to lack of time or bad organization, we are prone to eat too fast or we do not give time for the neurophysiological mechanisms of food satiety to react.

The objective of this system is for the user to break the structures and fixed mental models to generate new ones according to their organic and metabolic needs. It is proved, then, that the user is aware of the amount of food eaten and revalue the organic capacity of detection that has consumed what is necessary (satiety), thus preventing over-saturation of our body and physical discomfort.