Alba Alaminos

Skyline Flight School


Project by Alba Alaminos

The project was born with the purpose of designing a center for academic activities for pilots at the Sabadell Airport, after analyzing the precariousness of the different teaching and coexistence spaces focused on this group. The site chosen to locate the facilities is the Can Diviu complex, an architectural and historical symbol to be recovered for the airport and the city. The intervention of the group includes rehabilitating the iconic Torre Gorina as a social building of the school, enhancing its garden as the only existing green area and revaluing the annex building as a space dedicated to training.

With the modification of the school building, the existing structural problems have been solved, sustainability has been improved and the connection between nature and architecture has materialized, thanks to the construction of a glazed volume on the main façade. This volume is responsible for linking the exterior with the interior, in order to make the sky and the existing trees flow along corridors and halls. In this way, the exterior area is conceived as a natural prolongation of the classroom and a tool for teaching. This action attends to the formalization of the concept, which aims to promote general welfare through the humanization of the teaching space in the airport environment, giving relevance to the training of pilots not only technical but also human.