Fashion & planes: ESDi organizes a fashion show at Sabadell Airport

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Fashion & planes: ESDi organizes a fashion show at Sabadell Airport

ESDi Higher School of Design, a center affiliated with Ramon Llull University, has organized a fashion show during the open day of L’Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell and Fundació Parc Aeronàutic de Catalunya. On Sunday 19 June 2022 at 11:00 am, the runways of Sabadell Airport will become a fashion catwalk where the designs of the ESDi students will parade between airplanes and helicopters.

The fashion show will be entitled “Aspectos Desobedientes (Disobedient Aspects): new creative codes outside the norm”, referring to the confrontation between different aesthetics and elements that are fused and remixed today to generate new codes of creation. Inspired by the musical currents of lyric, rock/punk, and hip hop, the students have worked on combining each essence with the search for a new look at textile materials, which will give rise to some very personal proposals on the catwalk.

The looks that will be presented belong to the second year students of the Undergraduate Degree in Design – Fashion specialty: Laia Bercedo, Laura Castrillón, Anna Ejarque, Inés Fournier, Laura Gámiz, Ahikar Irisarri, Anna Martinez, Maria Millán, Carlota Norte, Qurat Ul Ain, Raja Rafiq, Maria Rebujent,  Georgina Rich, Laura Vázquez, Gerard Verdés, Laura Bargués, Laura Bermejo, Mariya Bokhonko, Nerea Cano, Anthony Edward Castillo, Mireia Comerma, Meritxell Costa, Júlia Costa, Cristiane Domingos, Alba Yuhong, Esteve Lumbreras, Jana González, Susanna Gutiérrez, Anna Marquès, Marina Olivé, Clàudia Polaino, Marta Renú, Clàudia Sánchez, Ainhoa Sans, Paula Sierra, Georgina Vallés and Ariadna Vera. LThe graphic design of the event has been also developed by ESDi students, in this case, Anthony Ramos, Meritxell Costa, and Anna Marquès.

Aspectos desobedientes” is free of charge and there is no need to register in advance. The fashion show will start at 11 am, and the doors will open at 10:30 am.