“I ARA QUÈ?”, reflexive exhibition of ESDi on Pere Quart’s Casal

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“I ARA QUÈ?”, reflexive exhibition of ESDi on Pere Quart’s Casal

From the 3rd to the 26th of April, ESDi will be presenting at Casal Pere Quart in Sabadell (Rambla, 69) “I ara què?/¿Y ahora qué?/And now what?”, a reflexive exhibition of projects of the school. The exhibition is based on the intersection between an exhausted ecosystem and a pandemic that makes us question all our ways of living that we took for granted until recently. In this context we ask ourselves: what innovative alternatives can design provide us with?

It is for this reason that the exhibition will allow us to see a brief sample of the work developed in ESDi, an institution committed to the search of sustainable alternatives and sensitive responses to a world that is changing at an unparalleled speed. How can we design the future? How can we live together, after all? What alternatives can design provide? How can we build a community after a pandemic? What possible connection is there between climate change and contemporary design? What are the new materials we imagine the future with? Which innovative and responsible narratives can we build? With these questions, the exhibition raises different critiques and solutions that we can give from design to the current context, and consists of 6 installations from different design disciplines.

The exhibition is open to the public and you can visit it for free during the usual opening hours of the Casal, Monday to Friday from 8am to 1opm and Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 2pm and from 6pm to 9pm. The opening will be on Tuesday April 5th at 18:30h,where there will also be a round table to discuss and debate on this topic, as well as guided tours by the commissioner of the exhibition: the sociologist and professor of ESDi Mikki Schindler. At the inauguration event Castell de Raymat will be collaborating with cava for the attendees. Due to capacity issues it is necessary to confirm attendance through the following mail comunicacion@esdi.edu.es

We welcome you to join us and picture another world of possibilities.