Expanded Mask

Team 2 Mask

Expanded Mask

After visiting and being inspired by the exhibition The mask never lies at the CCCB, the students of the Certificate of Higher Education in Pattern Making and Fashion, and in Tailor Made Clothing and Shows, held a seminar on creativity as a mask workshop, entitled Expanded Mask.

Team 4 Mask
Team 4 project

Divided into 4 people teams, they were able to experiment with screen printing, 3D printing and laser cutting thanks to professors Maja Cecuk, David Moreno, Marcel·lí Pérez and Gabriela Cohen. The seminar took place from December 16 to 22, just before the Christmas Holidays.

Team 5 Mask
Team 6 Mask
Team 5 project
Team 6 project

The CCCB exhibition takes us on a journey through the political uses of masks in modern society and looks at the politics of how faces are controlled, cultural resistance to identification, the defence of anonymity, etc.

«Masks are used for us to communicate with the invisible, but they also have a subversive, clandestine component. Beneath them, protected by what is not seen, our identity remains secret and we are able to make our most forbidden desires a reality with some certainty. The mask isn’t the past, and neither does it lie».

Servando Rocha

Team 8 Mask
Team 8 project