septiembre, 2018

08sep10:0019:00ESDi students present their creations at the Saba-TiC innovation fair


Detalles del evento

The Saba-TiC fair, an interactive display of digital and technological tools of Sabadell held during its Festa Major, presents its third edition, with the participation of ESDi students of Degree in Design and Bachelor in Smart Design, who will present some of their most outstanding projects.

The event, to be held on Saturday September 8 from 10 am to 7 pm, will include workshops and free activities, as well as samples of innovation by Sabadell entities and the local and metropolitan environment.


Do you want to know what the ESDi projects will be?


Sound Map
Authors: Albert Puig and Andrea Asensi
Subject “Digital Treatment of Sound”, 3rd year of Degree in Design, Audiovisual Mention.
Teacher: Carlos Gómez.
Interactive project that proposes to represent different spaces of the city of Sabadell through sound cartography. Through interaction through touch, the user is invited to make a sound tour through points established on the map of the city, simulating, in this way, a walking tour.
These points have been selected from the equidistance of a central point, ESDi Escola Superior de Diseño. The sound registers, marked with red circles, correspond to the Plaza Mayor, Plaza Vilarrufat, the Salesiana School, the UAB Campus of Sabadell, the connection between Gran Vía and Las Ramblas, the Mirador del Rio Ripoll and ESDi.


LEDs wall
Authors: Paula Aguilar, Claudia Hintzmann, Martin Morante, Laia Muntal, Alejandra Padilla, Stephanie Rivera, Cristina Salarich, Francisca Sotomayor, Jordi Spinnox
2nd course of the Bachelor in Smart Design
Teacher: Víctor Barberán

Interactive screen configured by colored LEDs in order to capture the user’s attention. Its operation is based on ultrasonic sensors that measure the distance of the viewer from the object. Thus, each time a user passes close to the installation, it detects the movement causing the screen to light showing different animations of light and color.

When: Saturday September 8 from 10 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Where: Espai Culture of the Fundació Antiga Caixa Sabadell 1859


(Sábado) 10:00 - 19:00

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