ESDi Talks is the talks programme of the Undergraduate Degree in Design ESDi-Universitat Ramon Llull, which are given by alumni and external professionals from all specialities. Its aim is to provide students with knowledge of notable trajectories, and knowledge of ideas, techniques and methods shared by the designers themselves.

What is esdiTalks?

ESDi Talks is the talks programme of the Undergraduate Degree in Design ESDi-Universitat Ramon Llull, which are given by alumni and external professionals from all specialities (fashion design, graphic design, product design, interior design, audiovisual design and design management). Its aim is to provide students with knowledge of notable trajectories, and knowledge of ideas, techniques and methods shared by the designers themselves.

The programme is coordinated by Dr. Christian Alonso (Professor of History and Theory of Art, Department of Theory and Analysis of Design ESDi), advised by Dr. Encarna Ruiz (Director of the Department of Design Theory and Analysis ESDi and receives technical support from Beatriz Roig, Gemma Carreras and Aleix Salvó (Cabinet of Communication and Marketing ESDi) and Marianna de Nadal (Director of the Department of Visual Communication ESDi).


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#Design #Calligraphy #Typography #Design #Rotulation

Wed. 15 December / 17:00


Gina Serret: Entrepreneurship: surviving while enjoying.

Freelance calligrapher and lyricist.
Author of the book "Calligraphy with a brush pen"

Gina, ESDi alumni, will tell us about her professional experience as a freelance designer specialising in calligraphy, traditional lettering and typography. She will also confess key moments of her personal experience in entrepreneurship and of trying to make her way abroad.

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Fri. January 14 / 2:00 p.m.


Pau Aleikum de Domestic Data Streamers: The secret life of data

Founding Partner Domestic Data Streamers

Design is often understood as the answer to certain social realities, but if design is the answer, what is the question? Domestic Data Streamers ask questions through different elements and exhibitions in churches, music festivals, prisons or schools.

Past lectures

#Multidisciplinary #Food #Sustainability #Design

Fri. 3 December / 17:00


Ignacio de Juan-Creix and Carolina Angeli of Plat Institute: Augmented Gastronomy

Ignacio (Head of Head of Innovation) + Carolina (CEO) of Plat Institute

They will present the vision and mission of the SCI FOOD LAB where they work and their cases using design fiction to gastronomic and circular design.

#Audiovisual #Marketing #Design #Digital

Fri. 19 November / 14:00


Ingrid Arcas: When the environment defines your client

In-house Digital Designer at Duco, London, UK

Ingrid will talk about her professional experience working in design agencies as an in-house designer. She will reflect on how these two design environments change our perception of who the client is and how they affect our relationship with things that we create.

#Multi #Speculative #Design #Digital

Wed. 3 November / 17:00


Fiona Raby & Anthony Dunne: Speculate Everything

Artists & designers

How to use design as a tool to create not only things but ideas, to speculate about possible futures.Today designers often focus on making technology easy to use, sexy, and consumable. In Speculative Everything, Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby propose a kind of design that is used as a tool to create not only things but ideas. For them, design is a means of speculating about how things could be—to imagine possible futures.

#Arquitectura #Interiores #Diseño #Digital

mié. 27 de octubre / 18:00


Roger Tudó d'Harquitectes: Invisible

Estudi d'arquitectura de Sabadell

Estamos convencidos de que las interacciones con los fenómenos naturales (temperatura, luz, gravedad, lluvia, movimientos termodinámicos del aire, etc.), además de optimizar recursos, vinculan profundamente la arquitectura a su entorno. Estas interacciones dan un sentido real e intenso a los espacios despertando la dimensión más emocional de la arquitectura, transformando la materia inerte en algo vivo.

#Fashion #Politics #Globalisation #StreetFashion #Social

Fri. 20 October / 17:00


Roberto Piqueras: Tracksuits, chains, I'm a tacky guy...

Social educator and artist resident in l'Estruch.

Roberto Piqueras in 2014, post 15 M results, begins to detect certain mechanisms of the fashion industry with which he no longer feels close and of which he wants to know the reasons for this distance and understand why he no longer feels so comfortable within the globalised capitalist and industrial system. For this conference, a timeline will be used to discuss historical events and key moments in order to understand the relationship between social things and fashion as a tool for critical and cultural response to the status quo.

#Multi #Nature #CircularEconomy #Product

Wed. 6 October / 17:00


Veronica Quchinov: Industrial Symbiosis as a resource in design.

Co-founder and CEO of SÍMBIOSY

Industrial symbiosis is a powerful tool for the practical application of circular economy concepts in the productive fabric. It is a business strategy that stimulates collaboration between companies, giving value to surplus resources, such as energy, water, waste, materials, logistics and finding innovative solutions to supply them. Designers have an extraordinary power to accelerate the transition towards the circular economy by acting as "facilitators" of Industrial Symbiosis between companies.

esdiTalks: UX/UI

diana ballart, diseño ux/ui, user experience, diseño de experiencia de usuario

#Research #DesignThinking #UserExperience #UX/UI

Fri. 21 December / 9:00


Diana Ballart: How to communicate disruptive ideas?

CEO and Co-Founder of The Smart Lollipop. Professor of creativity at the UOC.

When we inform someone our entrepreneurial project, we have 3 main objectives: to be believed, to be understood and to be remembered. How do we achieve it? Here is the challenge. In this masterclass we will learn how to communicate a disruptive idea in the 5-minute pitch format. 5 minutes of gold in which entrepreneurs, as a team, must make the audience fall in love with them to get their call to action.


#Research #DesignThinking #UserExperience #UX/UI

Fri. 29 October / 9:00


Muriel Garreta: What's an octopus doing in a garage?

Principal UX Researcher in King

The discipline of user research is exploding and, despite being a relatively new role in business, it is increasingly in demand. In fact, there are currently more offers than trained professionals. However, UX Research is still an undiscovered world for manyo f us. Would you like to find out what a user researcher does in a corporate environment?

#Research #DesignThinking #UserExperience #UX/UI

Fri. 19 November / 11:30 a.m.


David Torres: Creating experiences for all the people

Technical Manager en Experience Design de NTT Data

Participatory session where David will share awareness-raising aspects in which he will dismantle some myths about what the average user is, show that we are all temporarily trained and the importance of considering inclusive design, and accessibility in particular, in the design process of a digital product.

#Research #DesignThinking #UserExperience #UX/UI

Fri. 3 December / 15:00


Roberto and Erik from Hi Experience: Behavioural design and CRO.

Roberto Hinojosa, Founder and CEO of Hi Experience and Erik Aranburu, Senior UX Designer and CRO Lead at Hi Experience.

Roberto and Erik from Hi Experience will talk about how to create products that, in addition to generating positive user experiences, are focused on business results and optimising the conversion of our goals (such as the number of sales, posts read or registered users). In order to do this, we will look at techniques to persuade and direct users to perform the desired actions in our product, always from an ethical point of view.