ESDi’s statement: Coronavirus COVID-19

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ESDi’s statement: Coronavirus COVID-19

New schedule Covid-19

We’d like to inform you that, following the instructions of the Government of Catalonia, Inter-University Council of Catalonia, and the University rectory of Ramon Llull, and with an intention to support the control of the recent outbreaks of COVID-19, ESDi will reduce the on-campus theoretical activities since last October 15th. You will find the new schedule @ Classlife. Our workshops and labs will be available during the usual hours (8am to 8pm). For any queries and doubts, please contact the corresponding Head of Department

Protocol of action for the new COVID-19 stage (download)

This protocol affects students, teachers and the ESDi community.

April 2nd, 2020

After almost a month, the Covid-19 health crisis has changed our lives. The coronavirus crisis has created an unprecedented and unforeseen situation that has led us to reconsider our day to day, in all personal and professional fields, and logically for us, especially within ESDi.

The Covid-19 crisis caused an acceleration of unimaginable events: from day to day, from hour to hour. Between disbelief, fear and surprise, the annulments of events in our cities happened, classes on campus were suspended, our facilities were closed and the confinement began for all of us, except for those who provide essential services.

Everything has happened so fast that each one of us has had to adapt, questioning his way of acting, being proactive and creative in order, despite all the difficulties, to continue. Each of us can see the changes that the Covid-19 is introducing in our day to day lives: there will be a new beginning after the Covid-19. This March 2020 has involved major social and mental changes, individually, collectively, personally and professionally.

ESDi reacted quickly to this unbelievable situation implementing a system to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. The classes were adapted to the online format and the methodology was readjusted to ensure that students academically succeed in this scenario. A new section was created on the ESDi website to inform our community of government and health decisions that affected all of us.

The methodology, study trips, continuous evaluation, activities… ESDi has to reinvent itself.

Likewise, in a paradoxical way, this forced distance has created a feeling of empathy and community: with our family, friends, neighbors, the most exposed health professionals, citizens… Also, obviously, within ESDi.

The paradoxes seem to multiply: isolated but supportive, alone but together, confined but socially active.

ESDi community have taken many initiatives that we want to share: the involvement of all teachers, students, teaching collaborators, staff to ensure continuity in learning, sustained and tireless support of the e-learning team, the international team that has ensured the safety of students abroad and foreign students in our city, and also to the students who with their support maintain the strength of our online learning. A growing feeling of belonging to our community has helped us to overcome this sad situation.

ESDi has opted to maintain a community that embraces and promotes creativity through its insidethecube initiative, whose activity to make protective masks from home was published by the media.

Each one, in their own way, tries to adapt to this situation and continue with their lives.

Uncertainty regarding the end of the academic year is difficult for the entire community: students, teachers and collaborators. Confinement and uncertainty cause a lot of stress and dissatisfaction. Therefore, the management of the School, given its responsibility and commitment to the entire ESDi community, announced a readjustment in the academic calendar. The objective of this is to protect the interests of the students in their acquisition of knowledge. We will continue to pay attention to the guidelines of the health authorities and we will work so that each student reaches all the competencies that the curriculum requires.

We appreciate your effort to face this unprecedented period in our lives, respecting sanitary measures, taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, and maintaining the spirit of solidarity. Values ​​that will allow us to overcome this situation and win the battle, have no doubt, to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Collaborate decisively in recovering the path of social progress and economic eco-friendly development. A great job in which designers have a lot to contribute.

March 16, 2020

ESDi-URL establishes teleworking in its face-to-face services at the University and restricts access to all facilities.

Dear all,

Following the declaration of the alarm status issued by the Spanish Government on Saturday, March 14, the FUNDIT Board of Directors has continued the measures published on Thursday, March 12 (suspend classroom activities and continue or academic activities via online). ESDI-URL has generalized teleworking in its educational, administrative and technical services until March 30.

The training activity will continue in non-classroom mode, a measure published on Thursday, March 12. Last Friday March 13th, the research department and the fields of specialization and design application adapted the continuity of the studies online, always taking into account to assure the correct academic development of the students. The staff, PDI and PAS, will carry out their services online, to preserve their health and prevent exposure to COVID-19, without prejudice to the necessary presence of critical services.

Access to ESDi-URL installations is restricted. Any person who is not authorized to access the building requires the prior authorization of the FUNDIT Board of Directors.

We appreciate the collaboration, predisposition and support from ESDi community, students, PDI and PAS, given the exceptional circumstances we are living.  Thanks to them, we are able to continue our educational services online. We appreciate their positive reaction to help to create a calm and positive environment.

March 12, 2020

ESDi-URL approves the suspension of all teaching and curricular activities in presence

The Decree of the President of Generalitat published on March 12, 2020 establishes new measures for the containment of the COVID-19 virus on the whole territory of Catalonia and provides specific actions for our Region. 

The agreement approves the suspension of all teaching and curricular activities in presence until April 3, 2020. ESDi’s facilities will remain closed from March 16, until April 3, both days included. Teaching and curricular activities will be provided in a distance learning mode. All events are still suspended.

ESDi intends to guarantee all services that ensure the functioning of all services are running regularly by online channels, and to further enhance the use of telematic tools for all compatible work activities, in order to limit movement of people.

March 11, 2020

Action protocol for the containment of the COVID-19 virus

We inform you that ESDi Higher School of Design is constantly monitoring the evolution of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) disease and following the guidelines of the academic and healthcare authorities. In this regard, the URL (Ramon Llull University) has created a Monitoring Committee of the COVID-19 where all the institutions of the URL are represented.

You can consult the official communications of the Ramon Llull University in the following link: https://www.url.edu/en/press/news/institutional/2020/information-about-coronavirus.


Action protocol and communication channels:

An action protocol has been defined by ESDi, it is available for consultation in the following link.

There is an email through which all members of the ESDi Community can send their questions: health@esdi.edu.es

Any information related to COVID-19 that may affect members of the ESDi Community will be posted on this website and the official communication channels of the school.

We recommend that members of the ESDi Community follow the guidelines of the Public Health authorities and stay tuned for updated information through these links:

Spain / Catalonia:


European and global area:


ESDi is maintaining its academic activity. In the event of any change, it will be communicated through the official communication channels of the school.

If any member of the ESDi Community has symptoms such as general malaise, cough, fever or shortness of breath, it is necessary to stay home and call 061, reporting the circumstance of having traveled to risk areas or being in contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19.

You can see more information in this video of the World Health Organization: