ESDI x SPW Fabrics: From sport to Streetwear

ESDI x SPW Fabrics: From sport to Streetwear

The students of the major in fashion have been immersed in a transversal project in collaboration with SPW Fabrics, a renowned company specialized in fabrics for the world of sports with more than 25 years of experience. This leading company in its sector offers a wide range of internationally recognized technical and innovative fabrics.

The joint project, called “Athleisure Wear”, has allowed students to develop their own collections, fusing the functionality of sport with streetwear aesthetics. The results have been surprising:

Laura Corberó presents her capsule collection “Active Wear”, which fuses sportswear with urban elements for daily use. The objective is to create cohesion in the wardrobe of sports consumers, offering versatile, functional and aesthetic garments that complement each other.

“Athleisure Mountain” is Marina Ronda’s proposal, which presents versatile garments adapted to different climates and seasons of the year, designed to accompany the consumer on their adventures no matter when or where.

Joan Ferran Andrés presents “Flash Walk”, a versatile collection that combines high-quality technical materials with avant-garde cuts, offering garments that offer comfort, freedom of movement and style. These designs redefine the standards of sports fashion by providing complex and modern garments suitable for both the gym and everyday life.

“OFFSIDE” is Violeta Prieto’s collection, inspired by the world of football, both on and off the field. Characterized by vibrant colors that reflect the energy of sport, this collection incorporates organic shapes that adapt comfortably to the body, with a touch of nostalgia and elegance through retro elements.

Queralt Turull has conceptualized the “Keep Going” collection, which adapts traditional cycling garments to urban fashion, seeking a balance between sports and urban aesthetics, with an emphasis on striking tones with the use of yellow.

Irene Rosillo presents “Estrategias en Movimiento”, a collection that fuses the aesthetics of car racing with American football, inspired by speed, dynamic prints and tactical graphic elements. Designed to stand out both in the sporting field and in everyday life on the street.

This collaboration has enriched students’ practical learning and strengthened the school’s commitment to the fashion industry.