ESDi x SAYE: the school participates in the Saye Sneaker Challenge

ESDi x SAYE: the school participates in the Saye Sneaker Challenge

The footwear brand SAYE Brand has once again organized the annual #SayeSneakerChallenge as part of the Fashion Projects II subject of the Degree in Design.

Sustainable fashion plays a crucial role in the industry, and a notable example is sneaker brand SAYE. Founded in Barcelona in 2017, SAYE distinguishes itself as a classic and timeless sneaker brand that seeks to offer alternatives to fast fashion through an environmentally friendly approach.

In February, student presentations took place in the ESDi hall. Participants, organized in pairs, presented their sneaker designs for the brand using the basic templates provided by SAYE. The event included the evaluation and presentation of awards by the brand, highlighting the project of the students Laura Bargués and Mireia Comerma, who received awards for their work.

Laura and Mireia’s proposal, inspired by the Danish word “hygge”, reflects the philosophy of appreciating the small pleasures in life. Its design seeks to provide comfort and warmth to winter, incorporating a sole with a marked tread, height and interior lining to protect from the cold, staying in tune with current trends.

The second design, created by students Anna Ejarque and Inés Fournier, is based on the Nordic lifestyle, specifically in the city of Bergen. Focusing on comfort and versatility, the design takes inspiration from the bicycle as a means of transportation, the wooded environment and the winter weather.

On the other hand, Ahikar Irisarri and Laia Bercedo have conceived a concept inspired by space, the stars and orbits, materialized through the SAYE 70 model. Its design stands out for being a low-top shoe with a distinctive tongue.

Finally, students Marta Renú and Paula Sierra are inspired by the hip-hop trend of the 2000s. Following the chunky structure, their design stands out for its comfort and timeless aesthetics.

The event culminated with appetizers for attendees, provided by Heura Foods, Flax & Kale and Väcka Quëseria.