ESDi x INNOVI: Packaging design

ESDi x INNOVI: Packaging design

On January 31, the presentation of the Packaging projects of the subject “Industrial Packaging” of the Degree in Design took place, with the visit of the Catalan Wine Cluster, Innovi.

The main objective of the Wine Cluster is to boost the competitiveness of organizations in the wine value chain through innovation and collaboration. Innovi’s mission focuses on positively addressing the challenges of globalization by implementing innovative solutions.

The fourth year students, specialized in Product Design, presented packaging design projects aimed at protecting, preserving, promoting, giving away or marketing wine in a more attractive way. In the context of the subject, the students acquired a comprehensive vision of the various packaging solutions for products and merchandising.

Below is a summary of the projects:

During the presentation, Xavier París, project manager at Innovi, and Professor Ignasi Paré, head of the subject, evaluated the seven projects and awarded recognition to the two most outstanding proposals.

The first prize was awarded to a design that stood out for its inspiration in scaffolding, which fulfills the function of supporting and, at the same time, allows the content to be displayed. This innovative approach attractively displays wine, comfortably securing it with two rope handles.

1st prize, Enric Ferreres

The second prize was awarded to a packaging praised for its simplicity and curved shapes, which allow the wine to be held in a more traditional way, but without compromising aesthetics.

2nd prize, Sandra Victoria Ramirez

This initiative framed in the subject not only promotes creativity and collaboration between students and companies, but also provides fundamental tools for their future employment.