ESDi will participate in Circular Economy Symposium

ESDi will participate in Circular Economy Symposium

This Thursday, October 26th, professor and designer specialized in sustainability Tati Guimarães will be a part of the expert group of the Circular Economy Symposium, as a part of ESDi’s initiatives for the promotion of the efficient use of resources.

Organized by the Sant Quirze del Vallès Town Hall, the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and CORE Smart Cities, and with the collaboration of the Generalitat de Cataluña and the Diputación de Barcelona, the gathering will be centered in the intersection between economy and the environment, looking into applications, innovative areas and potential benefits from an environmentally responsible company.

In this sense, Guimarães will moderate a work group titled “Eco-Design Impulse” with Jordi Oliver Solà, executive director of Inèdit, Innovació per a la sostenibilitat, which will allow them to delve into the topic of sustainable design and to offer advice or recommendations to the participants.

Oriented towards the experiences and concerns of the participants, the work group led by ESDi and Inèdit will focus on the topics of recycling, upcycling, integration of data into the design process, valorization of sustainable design projects and innovation opportunities in the eco-design field.

The group will work simultaneously with other four tables, in which the topics of residue management, water management and citizen laboratories will be touched. The participants will have the possibility of being a part of every table and sharing their experiences, problems, lessons or the peculiarities that distinguish their sector.

Through this activity, ESDi, member of the network for the impulse of circular economy of Vallès Occidental, Vallès Circular, continues its commitment with an important concept within the current entrepreneurial environment, and that aspires to become an important viewpoint for projects and decisions.