ESDI will present a digital art installation at the Embassa’t festival

ESDI will present a digital art installation at the Embassa’t festival

ESDI will present the digital art installation “Synestetica” at Embassa’t, the Vallès independent music festival that will be held from May 16 to 19 at Parc Catalunya in Sabadell.

The project has been developed by the students of the Master’s Degree in Digital Art Curation at ESDI-URL, who have conceived, shaped and adapted a work by the Italian artist Asia Dib expressly for Embassa’t. This is a curated proposal by the students Ana Soriano, Egor Chenkurov, Etan Niño, Francesca Crosa and Jorge Esda, carried out for the Master’s subject “The exhibition and its alternative formats”, under the tutorship of the professor and multidisciplinary artist Agustina Palazzo.

Asia Dib is a young Italian audiovisual artist, born in Rome in 1993. She has studied New Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone and has complemented it with film training at the ESCAC school in Barcelona. With a multidisciplinary approach in the audiovisual field, his practice covers various areas, including graphic design, photography, video production and multimedia arts. His work is distinguished by being a deep and continuous exploration in the field of new technologies, where he uses innovative tools to create multimedia installations and audiovisual projects.

The “Synestetica” installation will be located in the vicinity of the festival’s Club stage, dedicated to electronic music, and will consist of a structure of six wooden panels and lycra fabric, on which music visualizers will be projected that will react in real time with the music of the festival. A place where the visuals are modified based on the sound frequencies of the environment. It is also conceived as a rest area for the festival, where there will be seats to observe the installation, but being an extension of the musical experience of the festival itself, where music is transformed into image.

This installation will coexist with “Flux”, a work by the artists Júlia Rossinyol and Mercè Lledós that has been proposed by the festival itself, and which represents the code that species of the plant world use to send messages to each other. An alteration of the elements of communication in which sensors, data, pixel, control and light act as emitters, code, message, channel and receivers. The students of the ESDI Master in Digital Art Curation Marina Frean, Elena Bota, Viola Amico and Ana Pinto will be in charge of establishing a connection between the two artistic proposals.

Proposal for the “SYNESTETICA” installation for the Embassa’t.