ESDi present at the Market Place of Economy Circular del Vallès

ESDi present at the Market Place of Economy Circular del Vallès

The search for new production models that prioritize recycling, reuse and savings of resources is one of the main concerns both from the business and the institutional as well as the training. Therefore, ESDi will participate one more year in the Market Place of Circular Economy of Vallès Circular, a pioneering network whose objective is to promote sustainable production in the Vallès Occidental.

To be held next Thursday, May 10, starting at 08:30 in El Mirador (Castellar del Vallès), the meeting will be attended by ESDi through the project “Ecodisseny  del bidó esportiu” made by our alumni Alba Guerrero and Marc Senar, graduates of Product Design.

The Ecodesign of the Sport Boot Ecodesign project consisted of an analysis of the drum of the brand Aptonia which is distributed to the Decathlon sports chain. This packaging has sustainable materials, but not in its entirety. Thanks to the studies carried out on the materials of this packaging,  it was concluded that improvements could be made, which would not only benefit the athlete, but would turn that drum into a more environmentally friendly product.

Likewise, ESDi will present Minial, by Mireia Mesalles, a hygiene product that makes it possible to sterilize menstrual cups easily, by having a portable and personal character. The project, with a marked social character, is aimed at satisfying a hygienic need of women who use the menstrual cup and require to guarantee its proper cleaning to avoid infections.

The Market Place will also include a round table of experiences, proposals for circular solutions, networking instances and specific conferences focused on packaging, waste management, energy management, circular business models, product life cycle, eco-labels and Green marketing.

Created in 2017, with the support of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Diputació de Barcelona, ​​Vallès Circular works together with companies, institutions and training centers to jointly transform the consumption and production model predominant in our society, also enhancing social welfare and the competitiveness of companies.

In this sense, the Market Place, organized by the Regional Council of the Vallès Occidental and the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the support of the City Council of Castellar and with the collaboration of ESDi, is configured as a platform to promote this economic, productive redefinition And social.

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