Outgoing students

ESDi is your gateway to new international environments with more than 50 agreements with different centers around the world: Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. The International Cooperation of ESDi with other International Centers, both in exchange programs for students and faculty, and for research; allows strengthening the international knowledge circulation and the academic excellence in ESDi.


ESDi keeps close relationships with universities and research centers in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Middle East, and works for strengthen the existing relationship with international centers, as well as expand its agreements network and access to new destinations.


The ESDi International Projection also takes form through the membership of different international associations. As part of its transversal initiative to promote Smart Design, ESDi is part of the Smart Cluster, international network that join up differents academic institutions, companies and start – ups around the world in order to provide creative and innovative solutions in manufacturing 4.0.


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